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APL condemns the church attack 


London 22 sept 2013:

APL (association of Pakistani lawyers) has condemned the terrorist attack at the church in Peshawar which has taken dozens of lives and scores have injured.


APL chair in a hurried statement has condemned it and has said,


"Our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost their loved ones. Church attack is a horrible , sad and inhuman act of sabotage & terrorism and we condemn it in the highest terms. nothing justifies the killing of innocent souls especially those who were worshipping the Almighty in a place of God, and perpetrators of this attack must be brought to justice by state.

We pray for all those lost, and our thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones."


"Pakistan has suffered a lot in this war and state must bring these outlawed to account to send a strong signal that no one will be allowed to highjack the civilian majority and collective wisdom who reject the minority view of extremism and terrorism. Those criminals bring the very name of religion into disrepute by killing innocent people on the name of it. A befitting action of Pakistan to assure minorities will be highly desirable", said Mr. Malik.


Me Malik said that This action will further cause to disrupt the govt resolve to effect 3 D policy of deterrent dialogue and development in the war affected areas as outlined by the Parliament and all stake holders and it is unfortunately testing times for the nation of 200 million souls.




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