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MNS Obama Meeting


How I wish that after the exchange of pleasantries the moment it became clear to MNS that Obama  was neither going to accommodate Pakistan’s stance on the drones nor commit to exert US influence over India to resolve the long outstanding dispute of Kashmir, he should have got up to leave, but before leaving had said. “Thank you Mr. President for your time and it was nice knowing you.  By the way, I understand USA is under heavy debt to the tune of 12 trillions, so please keep the 30 millions and the 1.6 billions that you plan to give to us as a token of small gift from the people of Pakistan to the American people”. And, to the waiting media men for the press conference, he should have simply said that since President Obama had lots of his own problems, we didn’t want to burden him with anymore, and thanking the press should have just left without any comments or answers to their questions.


The entire world press would have had splashed a front page story in big bold entrancing headlines the like of which the world would have never seen before.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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