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The Need of Kashmir Desks in Pakistani Embassies

The recent custodial killings of the Kashmiri youth of the Indian-held Kashmir are the blatant violation of human rights and invite our immediate attention.The Indian forces have unleashed the rein of terror in the valley of Kashmir. The Kashmiri leadership is incarcerated and tortured. India boasts to be the largest democracy in the world but denies the democratic right of the Kashmiris given to them in the session of the Chamber of Princes presided by the last British viceroy Lord Mountbatten. India is trying to become the permanent member of Security Council to use the veto power in the case of Kashmir and permanently bury this issue. As India is ah aggressor in Kashmir and has not conceded to the genuine demands of the Kashmiris to freely and fairly exercise the right of self- determination, her UN membership should be cancelled and economic sanction be imposed on her.
Kashmir, geographically and culturally is an integral part of Pakistan. It is the jugular vein of Pakistan. India is constructing dams storing the water of the rivers of Kashmir which according to Indus Base Treaty belong to Pakistan. It is Indian plan to strangulate Pakistan and dismember it. Pakistan can not survive with out Kashmir. The Kashmiris struggle for freedom is for the solidarity of Pakistan. Pakistanis and Kashmiris are the two faces of the same coin. We are complimentary to each other. It is imperative for Pakistanis to morally and diplomatically support the freedom movement of the Kashmiris. It is their innate and human right to exercise free will through a plebiscite faily and transparently held under the UN auspices. The government of Pakistan is strongly appealed to set Kashmir Desks in all major embassies to unveil and unravel the real face of India before the world comity and strive to end the unprecedented atrocities being inflicted on the defenseless and docile Kashmiris. The Kashmir issue is not the issue of territory. It is the issue of the freedom of a nation and the issue of human rights.

Dr. Maqsood Jafri

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