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Biased Reporting


Mr. Ansar Abbasi  while reporting about the tax evasion of General Pervaiz Mudharraf says,” -----   and is presently enjoying free treatment at the cost of taxpayers’ money”  (The NEWS January 4th, 2014)


The very tone and texture of above news piece by Mr. Ansar Abbasi not only smacks of his bitter bias against Musharraf but also betrays his ignorance and little knowledge that Musharraf being an ex-army is entitled to free medical treatment in the military hospitals like any other ordinary soldier.  For his information even a Sepoy of the army, an Airman of the PAF and a Sailor of the PN will get the same best of the treatment at the AFIC should they be admitted there for any heart ailment.


So my dear Ansar Abbasi Sahib Musharraf is not enjoying ANY free treatment at the cost of taxpayers' money but is very much entitled to it. You and your dependents (wife, unmarried children and old dependent parents) too would have 'enjoyed' the same medical treatment had you been in the army or even retired from it. 


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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