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Musharraf and Army


A controversy is raging in the print and electronic media whether the army is with or not with Musharraf in his high treason trial. Not only some of the naïve TV anchors are asking the army to clarify its stance but surprisingly some of the seasoned political stalwarts who should know better are also insisting upon the same stupid question. Little do they realize that no one in the army could say such a thing on behalf of the entire army. How could someone read the mind of the individual soldiers or officers and commit on their behalf? Remember, all ranks in the armed forces are allowed to exercise their right to vote but no commander at any level ever – leave aside order can even asks them to vote for some particular political party or person.  Each soldier and officer votes according to his own free will. So how can anyone  whoever he may be - the COAS, the  Corps Commander or any other commander speak for the entire army as to what its feelings ! are, whether the army as a whole is for or against Musharraf.  No one can order it one way or the other way. However, it would be worthwhile to remember that it is not Musharraf, it is an army chief who is being dubbed as a traitor and being tried for High Treason.  It would certainly be not very palatable for an ordinary soldier to think of and accept that he had been serving under a traitor and that too for such a long !!  For officers, particularly the very senior officers and a few - in fact a very few retired officers it might be a different story. They might have some worldly-wise wisdom or personal consideration that overrides their such feelings of camaraderie in this matter. Incidentally, should there be not some similar  “article 6” for the politicians who openly talk of ‘riding into Pakistan on the Indian Tanks” or declare on the enemy soil  “that the partitioning of India was the GREATERST blunder of the his! tory” etc.  And also should such persons when in po! wer be n ot stopped from playing havoc with the country, plundering and looting its wealth, talking openly of breaking it (Balochistan, Sindh One and Sindh Two, MFR wonders if KPK would remain within Pakistan etc.)  in whatever way they liked and no one should be there to check them and defend the integrity of Pakistan from INTERNAL aggression?!!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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