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Subject: Pakistani President Must Act LikeIndian President and No More  


The Pakistan Doctors' Forum (PDF) has asked Gen. Musharraf to not act as ruler of Pakistan. First of all in a parliamentary system of democracy President is neutral and has no substantial power and must not indulge in the state affairs. Look at how Presidents behave in neighbor country India. Second Gen. Musharraf has no fresh mandate of people as required by the constitution to act President. To begin a new term, you require fresh mandate otherwise the process can not be even termed "Elections" (Ref: Encyclopedia Britannica & Wikipedia). Only and only newly elected assemblies with fresh mandate have the right to choose the new Prime Minster and President. So it is better for Mush to step down immediately as he is committing a crime every day by remaining and abusing the office of President.  Army must also not forget the sad incidence of Fall of Dacca which brought the worst possible disgrace on a Muslim army. This resulted from disregarding people's mandate. Ironically the person who felt the most pain and left his prestigious job and came to Pakistan to give us the Nuclear Status is put behind bar. It is time that the army learns the lessons and not side with criminals. Army must also implement the recommendations of Justice Hamoodur Rehman report as only living nations learn the lessons from their mistakes. The army leadership must bring suitable changes in army so that we must not have such comedian characters as Musharraf as its chief. Musharraf should have undergone court martial long time ago and sent home. If that would have done, the nation would have been saved from all miseries implanted upon this dishonorable character!  

PDF feels that the bomb blasts in Lahore were deliberately carried out to kill some innocent prisoners who would have been otherwise summoned by the Independent Courts once the judiciary is freed. Right Now Musharraf is implanting his favorite people at key positions for next five years. As Musharraf himself is an illegal President all such appointments must be cancelled by the duly elected Government.


Anwar Ul Haque


Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque

President Doctors' Forum

(Islamabad, Pakistan)

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