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Six Bullets and Seven Nights


Hamid Mir, in his column Qalam Kaman under the caption “Six Bullets and Seven Nights” has recounted in some detail in today’s daily “The News” the sequence of events of April 19th that led to the firing on his car at Karachi in which he received six bullets. He says that he started reciting Kalam e Tayyaba after the third bullet and asked the driver to hurry to the hospital.  However, the great dramatist and innovator Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain had quite an inspiring story of unrivaled and unparalleled bravery of Hamid Mir to narrate in one of his morning shows. The great doctor had disclosed that Hamid Mir being a true Momin and patriot, to the utter amazement of his driver, after reciting the Kalama e Tayyaba a couple of times raised the cry of Allah o Akbar thrice and thereafter kept raising the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad repeatedly till he reached the hospital. Hamid Mir, somehow failed to mention the shouts! of Allah o Akbar and Pakistan Zindabad by him and he should not be blamed for it as any human being under such traumatic conditions is likely to suffer such lapses of memory unwittingly howsoever patriotic and Momin he might be.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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