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The Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

By:  Dr. Maqsood Jafri

My heart aches and bleeds on the brutal act of the savages.
They have dropped chemical bombs on soft lovely petals.
Saddam Hussain had once played the same pernicious role.
The innocent Kurds were burned to ashes by the ferocious fire.
The vengeance of Time turned this traitor in to a scared mouse.
In a hole he hid himself like a Dormouse fearing dirty death.
Once again the Sun has witnessed unprecedented brutality.
The men and women have been pushed to the raging hell pit.
The babes fluttered in the lap of scorching chemical flames.
The humans should never deserved such an inhuman treat.
I am consigned to cry on this tragedy and compose pensive lyres.
The fascist mind so bestially has sent kids to the dale of death.
The babes suffered for no reason; their tears tear my cry heart.
To end the savagery every man of conscience  must play his part. 
We must stand against the Satan and show the ways of peace.
The differentiation is a curse whether between Turkey and Greece. 
These murderers of humanity need  effacement from the globe.
let us all fight terrorism and tie it with a tightening outrageous rob.
Who did this grievous and grim crime? I need not delve into it.
In the court of conscience with a heavy heart I do file my writ.  

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