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Target Killing


There seems to be no end to the target killing in Karachi and yet another doctor – Manzur Memon has fallen victim to it today along with his driver.  The killers who were on a motorbike made good their escape as usual and probably would never be tracked down like hundreds of other such killers before them.  It is a well known phenomena that 99.9 per cent of all such target killings are done by the killers riding on a mobike. There are always two of them together, one doing the shooting and the other driving the bike. Since a motorbike is a small, handy and extremely manoeuvrable vehicle the killers weave their way through the heavy traffic and vanish in the nearby streets/bye lanes easily.  


I know it would be hard on many, but banning the pillion riding on the mobike looks to be the only answer to this menace of target killing.  As I said it will cause great inconvenience to many and quite an uproar among the commuters, but at times one has to take a bitter pill to eradicate the bigger menace.  It is the incessant killing of the important intelligentsia versus some inconvenience to the motor cyclists. Take it or leave it.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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