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London vs Karachi


Though Altaf Hussain has been residing in London for nearly 22 years now and holds the British nationality as well yet, he must be issued with the Pakistani passport and the NIC to facilitate his return to Karachi. An MQM Senator has threatened to ‘close’ Karachi for a year if the Passport is not issued to the MQM leader immediately.  I don’t know what does he mean by closing it.  Close it to whom and how?   Surprisingly the same MQM Rabita Committee which had been persistently saying that it didn’t want Altaf Hussain to return to Karachi for the fear of threat to his life has now taken up the stance for his return.  Has Karachi become safe overnight or is it that the London is no more safe for him?


Col. Riaz Jafri (Ret’d)

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