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I travelled by my car from Lahore to Islamabad on M-2 Sunday the 11th January 2015. I left Lahore around 11 a.m. and it was quite foggy there. The weather mostly remained so till Bhera allowing varying degrees of visibility ranging between 100 to 300 meters all along. I was naturally being careful and kept my speed low rarely touching 100 KMs per hour at the most. I kept to the left lane when driving below 80 and drove in the centre lane when over 80. However, I was surprised to see the vehicles pass by me at quite some speeds at times even through the dense fog. What was still more surprising was that a few of them overtook me from the left. Worst of all was a passenger bus going at quite some speed in its left lane and due to poor visibility suddenly found a goods carriage right in front of it. The bus veered off sharply to the right and then swerved back into the left lane tilting its huge body perilously to the both sideways. What saved it from turning turtle! – only the Providence would know.


I think the Motorway Police – which was conspicuously seen lesser on the road that day – should be more vigilant on the poor visibility days and must never allow overtaking of the vehicles from the left.   



Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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