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PM and the Indian Belligerence


The Prime Minister was shown on the PTV addressing the Pakistani ambassadors what I thought would be a matter of fact rejoinder of him and that of his government to the outright belligerent utterance of the Indian Prime Minister at Dacca and that of his ministers at Delhi.  Regrettably far from the expected one.   If he had to give his mind in such a tone a tenor then why spend millions in recalling the ambassadors to Islamabad, spend millions and millions on their travel and lodging, TA/DAs etc. when a simple letter from the Foreign Office under the directive of the PM laying down the policy to be adopted in this regard and sent by email would have sufficed and not cost a penny !!


I think and strongly urge the PM that whether it is a norm or not he should now invite all the foreign ambassadors and the other members of the diplomatic corps and address them in no uncertain terms that Pakistan had taken a strong exception to the confessed  animosity of Modi in breaking up Pakistan and to the veiled threats of his ministers and that we keep our rights reserved to take any action that we deem fit in this regard.  The international community must take cognizance of the Indian belligerence and stop her from aggravating the situation or else it would itself be responsible for the consequences.


Mr. PM please also take up this issue with the UN, and insist upon it to implement its resolution on Kashmir. Please rise to the occasion. The nation demands it from you.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd) 

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