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Pensioners’ Plight


The Comptroller Military Accounts Officers (Pension Section) is reported to have issued a letter dated 1st September 2015, but dispatched on 9th Sept. asking retired army officers to submit a life certificate latest by 10th Sept. 2015, failing which their pension could be withheld.  No less than a retired Lieutenant General visited the office of the CMAO (P) to apprise them of the possibility of their letter reaching the officers after the due date and as such the last date for the submission of the certificate should be extended.  But naturally of no avail. When the general narrated to me his woeful tale of being unsuccessful to convince the CMA staff to see the light, I cautioned him to be careful as  anything could be expected of the CMA. They are on record to have asked an officer during the British days who had submitted a similar life certificate, to submit the certificates for the previous three years also to prove that! he was alive during those years as well!!


CMA,  great people to deal with.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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