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PML (N) Rally


On a serious note, the spectacle of the fiasco met by the PMLN rally in which neither they could stick to any timings, nor the announced schedule of halts enroute or the public addresses by MNS or the over night stays or attract the crowds visualized by the planners, makes one wonder if their entire leadership – big and small put together cannot plan and execute a simple event of a rally from Pindi to Lahore then how could they be entrusted with the governance of a country involving Planning and Execution of hundreds of National Projects of much more import and many times magnitude or for that matter with the vital and crucial defence of the country from both internal and external threats?!!!


Aren’t we taking too dire a risk by entrusting the country in to the hands of such nincompoops ??


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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