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Quaid’s Pakistan


While addressing a conference on “Quaid’s Pakistan” held at the National Arts Council Karachi the other day, the Chairman Senate Mr. Raza Rabbani asserted that the Quaid was for the Parliamentary form of government and the few  Presidential forms of govts. that we have had brought nothing but disaster to Pakistan (words to that effect).  Leaving aside the discussion whether the Presidential govts. brought progress  or disaster to the country, let me draw the attention of your august readers to the two manuscripts of the Quaid e Azam which are held in the National Archives, Islamabad and in which the Quaid on July 10th,  1947, probably for addressing some meeting had made these notes in his own hand which  make it clear that he preferred the Presidential Form of Govt. for Pakistan.  The notes read as follow:


            Future Constitution of Pakistan         

            Dangers of Parliamentary Form of Govt.

(1)             Parliamentary Form of Govt.

I__>   It has worked satisfactorily in England no where else.


(2)             Presidential Form of Govt.

(more suited to Pakistan) 


For original please see page 3 of the Quaid’s notes appended below:



Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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