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TV Anchors


There are scores of female anchor persons in the electronic media industry – each one prettier than the other and always attired in the designers’ latest, most stylish and expensive costumes that are ironically don only once and never repeated. One wonders who pays for such modish and trendy dresses, that are changed on daily basis? Certainly not the TV celebrity herself nor can she have a wardrobe large enough to hang them all in!  Whatever, it is not having a salutary effect on the economic health of most bread earners of the families especially those with honest means and no “maal e haram” to afford such extravaganzas.


I think it would make the life of all – including that of the anchors – much more easy and comfortable if the TV channels would introduce some simple, attractive and distinguishingly looking exclusive uniforms for their respective anchors. It would not only promote austerity and modesty but also do away with the unnecessary competitiveness of outsmarting one another.  


Col.Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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