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Notes for Votes

Almost all political leaders are openly accusing large scale exchange of ‘notes’ for votes in the Senate Elections.  The amount of money alleged to have changed hands is mind boggling – 92 crores for a few Senators and 4 crores paid to each MPA etc.  If true, can those indulging in it  - both the payers and the beneficiaries - be called upholders of the sacred practices and norms of democracy?  And if the Senators or their sponsors did spend that kind of money, I bet they would not only recover it but also much more than they have invested in this lucrative business by fair and foul means?  Does it not tantamount to breeding corruption?  Does it not pinch their conscience even a wee bit? What legacy and example are they setting for our coming generations and posterity? 

May Allah help Pakistan, ameen.

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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