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Luxury and Bullet Proof Cars


Chief Justice of Pakistan is genuinely concerned about the misuse of the luxury and BP cars by the unauthorised favourites and blue eyeds of the previous rulers, but the cancer of such misuse is so deep and widespread that its enormity could be gauged by the following true fact:


Way back in the 1970s the Baluchistan Assembly had 39 MPAs and lo and behold ALL of them were Ministers in the Baluchistan provincial govt. In fact there were 40 ministers, one inducted as an Advisor with the status of a minister. Now all of them had at least three cars each, mostly limousines. The funniest part of it was that quite of few of these limos were being operated as private taxies in Karachi and ironically too running on free govt. petrol and other running and maintenance charges !!


So Sir, such misuse of luxury cars runs in the blood of some of our honourable politicians.


Kahan tak sunno gay Kahan tak Sunaein?

Hazaron ho QISSAY hein kia kia sunaein?


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd) 

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