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Kalabagh Dam on Self Help Basis - II


Consequent to my writing to a thousand or so on my E.mailing list and WhatsApp group as to why can’t we construct Kalabagh Dam on self help basis, I have had an overwhelming positive response from all over Pakistan – all committing thousands and one even a million and enquiring for the Bank Account to deposit the money in it.


While thanking you indeed Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to say the following:


  1. Fund raising and collection would be done later and by the experts mentioned below.
  2. It would be appreciated that it is a gigantic task of great magnitude and some of the random thoughts that come to my mind are that apart from requisitioning the services of a highly COMPETENT over all Project Manager the following would also be needed:  


  • Consultants for environmental and habitat relocation impact studies.
  • Consultants of land accusation and resettling affected habitat.
  • Consultants for fund raising and fund management
  • Consultants for feasibility on civil work, power plant, dam and tunnel (s) construction.
  • Consultants for Interacting with the Govt. and the existing Kalabagh Dam organization  for the acquisition of all Engg. and other data and studies (feasibility and soil surveys etc. etc.) from them and suggest ways and means of making the optimum use of the technical know how and expertise of the existing manpower to the optimum by integrating them with the Self Help Project.
  •  Consultants for Security and Administrative.



3.   Following consortium would have to be formed.


  • Fund collection and management company.
  • Civil works execution company
  • Power plant construction and installation company.
  • Dam and tunnels construction company
  • Land accusation and habitat relocation management company.
  • Security, Admin & Transport company(ies)


  1. Would need involvement of:


  1. International experts, consultants, number of EPC (Engg., Procurement & Construction) contractors.
  2. Banks, chartered accountants, fund managers,
  3. Media (for PR – Public Relationing – especially focusing on the Overseas Pakistani for donations).
  4. Political ( for resolving ethnic and provincial ssues)
  5. Ulema (for promoting its Islamic facet of a Sadqa Jariah for providing water for irrigation and drinking of the humanity, etc.)


  1. And many more similar known or unknown factors.


Therefore, as a first step, we have to find out that does this idea have the requisite backing?  For that :


  • Maximum publicity by all on all modes of the social media and ask people to give their feed back.
  • Solicit their views as to how they would like to participate in this project.  Such as:
    • Donating funds?  Tentatively how much?
    • Offering their Service(s).  What (expertise) and how?
    • Any other point that they can suggest/recommend?


As I said earlier, till some Organisation comes on ground, all such collected/gathered information may please be sent to the undersigned for collating and analyzing.


Thanks and Regards


Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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