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APC Stance


After the APC meeting today MFR in a joint press conference informed the media that all the participating parties had rejected the results of the general elections and decided to form a committee to launch a country wide movement for the restoration of democracy. MFR tone was rather aggressive when he said that the oath taking session of the national assembly would be boycotted and the masses will not let the govt., if any formed, to function.  This is a serious challenge and merits immediate planning of the remedial measures by the relevant authorities.  


The ECP should, therefore, plan and commence doing it’s homework for issuing notices to the boycotting elected MNAs and MPAs and order them to take oath from their respective assemblies’ speakers within seven days failing which their seats should be declared vacant and by-elections held within the due dates. 


As the Maulana has threatened to hold countrywide agitation, the LEAs including army should prepare their contingency plans to be put into action immediately and effectively. 


In view of the mass arrests and MFR’s “Jail Bharo” threat, adequate alternate arrangements be made for interning a sizeable number of protestors, and if need be, in concentration camps established for it at Thar, Cholistan and Southern Punjab open and vast areas.


No one must be allowed to take the Law and Order in his own hands.  Also, such unlawful agitation(s) must be put down effectively to curb their reoccurrence in the future also.


Enough is enough and the country cannot suffer such agitational protestations detrimental to its progress and economy.  


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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