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Imran and the Heli


If nothing else the way Imran Khan’s heli ride to office and back to Bani Gala is being discussed, ridiculed and mocked at  sarcastically has exposed badly the lack of intellect, intelligence and commonsense of his political opponents and some of the media men (and women) who look to be bent upon into misleading the innocent and the naive that Imran Khan is indulging in ‘high flown’ luxury by adopting this mode of transportation.


Even a Kindergartner would know that:


  1. It saves him time - at least an hour and a half every day - which means he can work more.


  1.  Entire “route” from his home to office is not marked daily by the police, which means :


  • No posting of policemen all along the route and watching every bush and corner for hours in all kind of harsh weather.
  • No holding up traffic for hours and causing immense inconvenience and at times great suffering to the general public.
  • The need for the cavalcade of  Security Vehicles including Jammer Vehicle is eliminated. This alone  apart from eliminating vehicles’ wear and tear saves millions in fuel and maintenance costs.


  1.  Heli travel is quite risky. God forbid, there is even no parachute on board.  And IK is exposing himself to such danger daily.


Lastly, do they know that Musharraf also used to commute from Pindi Army House to Islamabad by helicopter and for these very reasons too?  None of them dared talk of it then!!!


 I hope and wish our politicians grow up and show more sense of maturity.


Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd) 

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