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Jail Manual

Could someone please tell me if the Jail Manual remains applicable to a premises declared as Sub Jail? If yes, which I am sure it does, then how come such royal treatment is meted out to the high profile political prisoners, such as unlimited number of visitors ( mulaqatees) calling upon them daily. Aren’t there any fixed days of a week for visitation and is there any time duration limit for such visits?  Is there any written  permission required for the visit and in case of a hospital declared as Sub Jail who grants such permission -the SMO hospital or the Jailer?


Same is the case with the meals from home for the prisoner. Does someone apply for it and to whom? Is it subjected to be “tasted” (partaken) by the carrier to ensure it is free of poison etc.?


Is any  Body Search of the visitors carried out to eliminate chances of passing on of weapons, iron bars cutting tools like a  saw blade or an iron file etc., fake  legal documents for signatures or any other document containing some secret or vital information etc.

And dozens of other restrictions placed upon the prisoners in Jail Manual. How can all such brazen violation of the rules that we see on TV channels can go un-noticed by IG Prisons, the Fed Minister for prisons and the other concerned agencies?


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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