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Judges Reference


Pakistan Bar Council’s call for protest on June 14th is not understood by a layman like me. Does it think the reference against Justice Faiz Isa unconstitutional? Or that it is malafide in nature, based upon false information to implicate him unjustifiably?


If any of above two suppositions are correct then the PBC should take the matter to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to decide. And if not, then does the PBC not have confidence in the Supreme Judicial Council that it shall do justice only and nothing else but justice?


Does the PBC by resorting to such activism intend to cow down the govt. to withdraw the reference against the  Honourable Justice?


If the custodians of the law themselves resort to such highhanded activism, then one can’t help bemoaning and wailing :


“Choon Kufr Barkhezad ze Ka’ba Kuja Manad Muslamani”


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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