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Relief Supplies for Kashmiris in IHK


We should immediately establish Relief Supplies Camps all over the country and so should do the Pakistan Embassies and Pakistanis abroad in the world’s major capitals  to come to the aid of our Indian held Kashmiri brethren who are desperately in need of medicines, baby milk and food supplies due to the prolonged curfew imposed there by the Indian Military.


International Red Cross and other HR organisations and NGOs should be contacted to urgently deliver such relief supplies to the literally locked up hapless Kashmiris.


Pakistan could ask Modi govt’s  permission to airdrop such food packages, medicines and other essentially required items on humanitarian grounds to the besieged and beleaguered Kashmirisi, which if not permitted, we could request the UNO to intervene.


Needless to say we should donate most generously to minimize the appalling catastrophe befallen on our Kashmiri brethren and provide them with some solace in their hour of need and grief.


Col. Riaz Jafri (R)

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