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Overburdened PM


The PM has reportedly instructed suspension of certain top officials of Civil Aviation and PIA and ordered a Court of Inquiry under a Brigadier for a scuffle between the ASF personnel and the PIA passengers at the Islamabad International Airport last week.   One simply wonders, why must it had to be the PM to take notice of such an ordinary brawl between a few people?  Where were the CAA, PIA, ASF powers-that-be or even the Airport area police SHO to have taken due action in such a small run of the mill incident that the highest executive of the country had to take note of?! Were they all that nincompoop or lack moral courage to take action against their subordinates and could not handle even a small scuffle? Or has it become a fad for the insipid to look up to the PM for each and everything? If it is so then what the Dickens they are there for, getting fat salaries and high perks? The PM must get rid of such top heavy dead wood everywhere and have efficient ! go getters in their place who know their job and can deliver, take firm, fair and proper timely and quick decisions needed for good administration. 


Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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