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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Govt. Military Same Page


It beats me why every now and then the Govt. has to proclaim that the army and the govt. are on the same page? Is it for the consumption of someone else or their own reassurance?  Do they have any doubts about it? Don’t they know that under the constitution the army is subservient to the civil rule and that it shall always be at the beck and call of the democratic govt. of the day, whichever political party may be in power. However, as far as the loyalty of the armed forces is concerned it is first and foremost loyal to the state to which they are sworn to defend against any EXTERNAL or INTERNAL aggression. Next, army is an institution and not the personalities only.  Admittedly it has rank and command structure  but these are there to ensure its disciplined operational capabilities at all times to acquit itself honourably of the task assigned. Now, in order to thwart any internal aggression or preclude any chances of the country going for a civil war i! t has to be stronger than all other elements of the state including its Civil Armed Forces.  Never-the-less discipline being the hallmark trait of the army imbues in it the spirit of carrying out implicitly all legal orders of the govt. of the time.


So my dear Sirs, have no fears of the army at any time. It shall always be on the same page with you, whoever you are.  Only don’t create conditions and force it to perform its sworn duty of defending the country against internal aggression, which you and you alone the elected representatives of the people can do.


Pakistan Zinda Bad


Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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