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Traffic Police Outlook


I think the prime duty of the traffic police is the prevention of accidents but somehow it confines itself mostly to the regulation of traffic and in the case accidents their action is more of punitive than preventive or remedial. Just to elucidate:  the Traffic Wardens always stand on the other side of the traffic light or the speed limit zone, as if just to ambush the violator after letting him commit the offence. In other words they let the driver commit the crime of jumping the traffic light or over speeding and then haul him up for doing it. Who would be responsible if he commits an accident – could be a fatal one – during his such act?!  At places the speed limit zone stretches considerably, such as; through small towns - for more than a mile or two and the traffic warden waits on the other side of the town to haul someone who has driven at high speed through it violating the speed limit. What if the violator over runs someone because of his over! speeding?  Why don’t they station themselves at the start of the speed limit zone and warn off the on coming speeding driver rather than let him drive at high speed and then book him for having committed the offence?  Lahore traffic police was shown on the TV imposing fines on the car drivers and bike riders not wearing mask. Good step to enforce wearing of the mask when outdoors. But would it not have been a step in the right direction if the violator was also given a mask to wear by the warden – of course on payment?  He has fined him alright but let him go committing the same offence of not wearing the mask!  I think there is a need for a little change in the mindset of our police. Prevent the crime rather than let it happen and punish the criminal afterwards.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)


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