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LOC Violations


Every second day the Indian High Commissioner or his deputy is summoned by the Foreign Office to be served with a strong protest for firing across the LOC and killing innocent civilians on our side. The High Commissioner drives down to the Foreign office from his embassy in an impressive black limo flying Indian flag in full view of the public. As it happens too frequently, the car carrying the HC could be marked and someone who has lost his near and dear ones in the firing from across could blow up the car.

I would, therefore, suggest that the Indian High Commission be allotted a suite with a kitchenette in the Foreign Office to accommodate him or his deputy there to keep receiving the protest and pass on its contents to his High Commission on WhatsApp of their mobile. Who knows it could save the life of the Indian HC or his Deputy and spare Pakistan the embarrassment in the diplomatic circles.


Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd)  

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