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Age Limit CSS


Mr. Haider Mahmood Butt "“ NewsPost 22nd September "“ requests President Zardari and the concerned authorities to restore the age limit for the CSS examination at 30 years as it used to be. He has a hope that someone will have time to pay any heed to his request. May I, therefore, suggest him a Sure Short Cut to his problem?  Find out some good for nothing 30 or even 32 year old son-in-law or nephew of however distant a cousin of someone in the government political hierarchy and make him apply for the CSS exam. Pronto, and the age limit will automatically and immediately be reset beyond the present 28 years limit to accommodate him. As simple as that! As an aspirant for the CSS he must know of such simple and elementary tricks of the trade.



Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

30, Westridge-1

Rawalpindi 46000

Tel: 546 3344

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