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Why the culprit goes unnoticed......?
By  DJ Mathal
In a sad incident director agriculture along with five other innocent was gunned down which created a panic and chaos in the region. Educational institutions started to close down the business came to a halt religious and political big wigs started a never ending process of press statements and the unseen hands vanished in such a way as if they were never present on this earth. In every private and public gathering the security forces are being condemned for their inability to save the lives and belongings of citizens and the holy month of moharam too has started and in such a condition the local population has enormous fears.
From 1988 to the present hundreds of such incidents took place in which thousands of innocent lives were lost even whole villages were set on fire but such incidents remained confined to the record room of security personals but in no incident the culprit was brought to justice. Such irresponsibility on the side of security forces raised the confidence of enemies of peace and a lay man's confidence in the government sank into oblivion.
The seed of this mishap was sowed just after the independent state of Gilgit came to being by Major Brown and Sardar Alam. This is not the first of its kind the region has seen hundreds of such incidents for the last 61 years. If we ponder into the carnage of 1988 we will come to know that whenever the local indigenous population has attempted to solve their basic issues such incidents have happened and the measures of peace and unity have been sabotaged. This time too a situation like 1988 happened as one side force commander and district administration attempted to negotiate between ex advisor Sayed Razi U Din Rizvi and present member of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly Himayat Ullah Khan and the very next day director agriculture along with other five innocent lives was gunned down. How is it possible that the enemies of peace see the region developing and getting united? Inspector General of police in his statement blamed foreign hands for having involvement in such incidents and said India was supplying money in the region. How much truth this incidents holds this can only revealed by the coming time but the public opinion about such incidents is much different from that of inspector general and the command man believes that the region's constitutional and political deprivation has a hand in such incidents and some even blame the government for having involvement in such incidents.
If the religious, political and nationalist leadership is looked at they all condemn such incidents and urge mass to remain united and have patience and the local population tries to avoid such encounters and keeps it self at length regarding such incidents than the question arises as who is then trying to create a chaos in the region? Currently there are 6 intelligence agencies besides police, military and Para military troops guarding gilgit city and hardly after two yards security personals are deployed than the question arises as from where dose the artillery come for this area of 5 kilo meters? Who will answer the questions that are arising in the minds of the local population? This time Interior Advisor Rehman Malik has ordered the local administration to take immediate probe into the mater. If the cause and consequences of such incidents are analyzed one will realize that there no concept of crime and justice due to which the criminals feel a free hand.
The intelligence agencies have information but despite all the resources no culprit is brought to justice in the last sixty years. The terrorist guns down an innocent and easily escape besides no criminal of such incident is arrested and brought to justice in history of the region due to which they get confidence. This time the region has gained attention of international forces too due to Kashmir issue and in such a situation it is the duty of political parties, nationalist alliances, students, analysts and people of the region belonging to all aspects of life to play their due role to stop such mayhems. The administration should look into the ground realities of the problem and hunt for the culprits instead of blaming foreign hands and if they have proof of involvement of foreign hands what are they then doing till now? The indigenous local population should understand that until and unless we don't take any measure for our mother land nobody will do anything for us.
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