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Well done Security


We as a nation take certain things just for guaranteed and do not appreciate the good work put in for achieving them.  Whereas, on the other hand if anything goes amiss we raise the biggest hue and cry to condemn all responsible. The Muharram majalis and other important events culminating in Ashura have come to an end mercifully without any untoward incident through out the country. During these days there were literally hundreds and hundreds of small and large gatherings and processions, some meandering for hours at snail's pace through the narrow and dark streets providing ideal opportunities to the terrorists to strike at the time and place of their choosing. However, hats off to police, FC, Rangers and other security agencies that nothing of the feared and dreaded suicide bombing or other blast took place. The NWFP - especially the Peshawar police and security agencies deserve a special mention for making the excellent fool proof security  arrangements which were also hassle and inconvenience free for the people participating in the mourning.  Well Done, Sirs, you all rose to the occasion and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our lives safe.  May you too live long and safely, ameen.



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