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Azad Adlia

On a private TV channel this morning elaborating upon the further processing of the Review Petition filed by the government in the case of Sharif brothers’ disqualification, the Deputy Attorney General said that the disqualification could be set aside by the Supreme Court and that the Election Commission of Pakistan might restore the Punjab Assembly membership of  Mian Shahbaz Sharif, though temporarily pending final decision of his case as was done earlier by the CEC, which could enable him to be the CM of the province again. The DAG seemed to have a well charted road map for the Sharif brothers leading them to their final destination of power. Since the review petition is to be heard by the same bench comprising of the same judges who had earlier disqualified them, the Supreme Court might well find itself in a quandary of ‘to do or not to do’.  If they do it even if the case merits so, they could be blamed for repaying the brothers for what they did for the Adlia. And, if they do not, they could be suspected of succumbing to someone not very happy with the Sharif brothers. Uneasy lies the head that wears the Justice’s wig.


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