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Schools’ Security


The Interior Ministry is said to have issued advisory instructions to schools, especially the private big-name schools to beef up their security arrangements against any possible terrorist attack. In that they have been advised to employ sufficient number private security armed guards, install security walk-through gates and CCTV cameras, issue school stickers  for the car/vehicles dropping and picking up the children, regulate traffic at the schools’ opening and closing times, park the cars at some distance from school gates, install PA system and sirens etc.  These are good measures and must be strictly followed by all. Schools should formulate their own contingency plans tailored specific to their particular environs to counter effectively various situations and emergencies. Staff and students must not only be trained in taking the most appropriate action required for each contingency  but periodic and regular mock drills must also be held at least once a week to combat such situations. In the event of an attack immediate reaction and quick dispersion cannot be over-emphasised to minimise the casualties. Mobility and light weight are of paramount importance for quick dispersion, which would be greatly impeded if the young students are laden with their heavy back breaking satchels. They will simply not be able to run. It is, therefore, strongly suggested that the students must not carry their satchels while coming to or leaving the school gates. Satchels should be kept in the school and not taken to the homes by the students. Even if there are no lockers, which in most cases are not, the satchels should be left in the class rooms on or near the student’s desk. Leaving the satchels in school could pose problem for doing the home work by the students. For that the students could be made to stay for an extra hour or so in the schools to do the assigned home work.  Doing of the home work in the schools is not an unknown practice. It is done in many public and private schools of the world. As a matter of fact the psychologists recommend it for the overall healthy growth of a child, who leaves all his scholastic worries at the schools and participates joyfully in other playful activities at home and with friends. However, if still studying at home is required to be undertaken, the students could be issued with an additional set of books and note books that they keep at homes to study whenever needed.


Let’s pray no harm may ever come to them, ameen.



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