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The following information sent by:


Faiza Effendi

Assistant Country Director

Chief, Poverty Reduction Unit

United Nations Development Programme

Islamabad - Pakistan.

Tel: (92 51) 8255620

Fax: (92 51) 2655014 & 2655015


is being forwarded to you. Please give it wider publicity and inform those you think are eligible and can benefit. This is a good opportunity.



Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)



Dear All


The Government of Pakistan has announced National Internship Program funded  by Asian Development Bank for the Unemployed student of Pakistan. So far very low number of applications have been received i.e. 527 with in Pakistan. The target is to have 10,000 application at least to utilize this fund OTHERWISE This FUND WILL BE LESS UTILIZED & WILL BE REVERSED BACK TO THE DONOR.


You are requested to inform your friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours who are eligible to the internship criteria. Below is the extract of the Advertisement Published in Dawn with extended on 13 November 2009 page # 13.


If you have done masters or completed 16 years education and you are 25 or less than 25 years of age Yet Unemployed. You have chance to join Prime Minister National Internship Program and get Rs.10,000 per month for 01 year.


Eligibility Criteria


1. Masters in any segment OR 16 years of education

2. Age Less then or upto 25 Years.

3. Yet Unemployed


Submit your application to along with your documents to following addresses in:




Ministry of Youth Affairs

Prime Minister secretariat

Islamabad. <




O&M/NIP cell,

Block 03, First Floor,

Room # 5

S&GAD at Civil Secretariat

Quetta - Balochistan <



OR send to respective DCO of your respective district

OR drop your CV online visit website <>


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