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President Zardari snubs CJ, Gen Kiyani, and NS.

In his speech to the Joint Session, President Zardari indirectly snubbed the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Gen Kiyani of Pakistan Army and Mr. Nawaz Sharif of PML-N. How? By unnecessarily and unreasonably praising Dr Babar Awan and Mr. Rehman Malik. But how can praising these two gentlemen be translated into snubbing the three? Let’s go back to recent events;

·         The army has never been happy with the way Mr Rehman Malik conducted himself vis-a-vis the armed forces; be it ISI affairs in which his ‘wish’ was buried within hours, or an attack on GHQ by the Taliban in which he was told to stay away from the premises. More recently, his non-inclusion in the civilian team to hold ‘Strategic Talks’ with the Americans was a clear indication that Gen. Kiyani didn’t want him in the meetings in which he discussed matters related to terrorism and law and order situation in Pakistan- the two main areas which come under the domain of Mr. Rehman Malik.

·         According to ex- Attorney General Mr Anwar Mansoor, Dr Babar Awan is the main stumbling block in implementing an important part of the Supreme Court orders of December 16th 2009 on NRO. Also, in a recent press conference Mr Nawaz Sharif objected to Babar Awan’s inclusion as Law Minister in the Judicial Council because of a Rs 35 Million corruption case pending against him in the Supreme Court and another pending case of having a fake Doctorate Degree.

The President in his own ‘unique’ wisdom praised these two gentlemen and by doing so, he indirectly snubbed the other three gentlemen mentioned above.  


Dr. Ghayur Ayub.

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