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Zardari Angiography:


It was comforting to know that the doctors in the UK have given a clean bill of health and heart to President AAZ after his undergoing an angiography there.  It calls for sacrificing as many black goats by him and the Jialas as they can afford. The nation didn’t know about the suspected ailment of his heart which made him dart to London, as his voyage with entourage was being viewed as yet another private visit like his many previous sojourns or at the most a visit for a damage control meeting with Altaf Bhai in the wake of the bombs exploded by Zulfiqar Ali Mirza. Lucky we are that our President could be examined by the best and that he did not have to take a chance with the Cardiovascular Hospitals like AFIC Rawalpindi Cantt, Shifa International Islamabad, Hearts International Rawalpindi Cantt, Doctors’ Hospital Lahore, Punjab Cardiology Lahore, Agha Khan Karachi and many more treating hundreds of the lesser mortals daily.  Strangely, some of these hospitals boast not only of their surgeons to be  world renowned but also being equipped with the latest electro-medical machinery and gadgets to carry out such simple angiographies by the dozens a day. I am sure the President would now take personal interest in improving the technical know-how and expertise further, if required, of these and other hospitals in the country so that next time he doesn’t have to scurry in a hurry and subject himself to the hazards of  the air travel which by itself could be damaging for a cardiovascular patient.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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