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NAB Chairman


Government has shown an unusual alacrity in publishing the notification appointing Admiral Fasih Bokhari (Retd) as the chairman NAB on a Sunday holiday.  Whatever be the reasons it is a most welcome step which restores one’s confidence in the government that the merit is still recognised by it. What little I know of him it can be said without any fear of contradiction that the Admiral is not only a man of integrity but also a very capable person with firm, fair and impartial dispensation for all. And, that’s what precisely causes me the concern.  Unfortunately, as per the prevalent perception, not many an honest person is allowed to perform his duties truthfully and honestly and sooner or later either he has to succumb to the system and the socio-political pressures or compelled to ask to be relieved of the responsibility. I sincerely hope and pray that he proves equal to the burdensome task and comes up to the expectations of the nation, which I am sure God Willing he will, ameen.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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