"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Global Coalition against the Revival of Khilafa

Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Why war against khilafa?

The last prophet of Islam (pbuh) not only preached the Divine Truth, but also established an all-inclusive infrastructure to continue the propagation and implementation of Truth. And it was khilafa. The establishment of Islamic khilafa is indeed one of the most significant events in whole human history. Through khilafa, for the first time on earth, the followers of Divine Truth emerged as the number one World Power; and the sovereignty of Allah SWT and His sharia were fully implemented on the huge part of His land. For millions of people, working and fighting as the political viceroy of Allah (SWT) and sacrificing wealth and life only to please Him, became the highest priority in life. For the first time in the history, khilafa emerged as an all-inclusive civil and military infrastructure and a politico-religious cum educational force standing firmly behind the Divine Truth. Evil forces of the world that had no faith in the revealed law of Allah (SWT) were not happy with the emergence of Islam as the winning faith; and not with the establishment of khilafa.  The old criminals who opposed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his mission have died. But the disbelief in Allah (SWT) and His sharia law has not died; rather resurfaced with a new generation of followers globally. With the same old hatred against Islam and its sharia, this new generation of disbelievers have declared their war against khilafa.  

Delivering beautiful talks on morality, equality, justice and other higher values is not a difficult job. Millions of people did it before. Millions are doing now. Such talks survive in books for thousands of years. But such ideas can’t get any place in real life, nor can help the humanity if fails to receive state support for the implementation. The Divine laws revealed to Hazrat Musa (AS) in Torah couldn’t be implemented in any land due to betrayal of his people -the Bani Israel. They were asked to establish a state in Kannan and implement the revealed Divine laws. Since it required war against the powerful enemies, they rejected the idea. They were even arrogant to advise Hazrat Musa (AS) to go forth with his Allah (SWT) to fight for them! Such arrogance brought series of punishment for them. So, the Jews never could emerge as the civilizational force on the world stage. Rather they roamed like vagabond all over the world. At the end, Israel was implanted on occupied Muslim land as a part of the imperialists’ project. Allah SWT sent Hazrat Issa (AS) to the people of Banu Israel to resurrect those Divine laws revealed to Hazrat Musa (AS). The Christian followers made him a god, but never bothered to implement those laws.

But the last prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) could make a clear distinction from others. His spectacular success owes to the powerful political infrastructure of the Islamic state that he could build to help implement the Divine Truth and prohibit the wrong. As a result, the sharia laws didn’t remain confined within the pages of the holy Qur’an, rather could get solid place in the real life. Thus, Allah SWT’s revealed Truth showed the real power. Within decades, Islam emerged as the finest and most powerful civilizational force in the whole human history. The civilization that they made didn’t have any pyramid, hanging garden, great wall or great castles, but had best forms of humans, laws, justice, security and peace, social policies, and most importantly the straight highway to Jannah. The revealed Truth of Allah (SWT) never got such political, economic and military support of the most dominant world power before.

The great companions of prophet Muhamad (pbuh) and the subsequent generations also continued with the same mission and methodology. But later on, the powerful state-infrastructure again became captive in the hands of corruptive evil forces and was used to raise obstacle in the Divine roadmap. The Muslims too, like the people of Banu Israel, showed their betrayal of their designated role. Instead of working as the political viceroys (khalifa) of Allah, they became foot-soldiers of Islam’s enemies. Instead of becoming a full Islamist, they became nationalist, secularist, socialist, monarchist and other forms of collaborators of the imperialists. As a result, when the British army occupied Palestine and Iraq, the British were far less in number in the invading army than the non-British collaborators. Even during the British rule in India, such native collaborators in the occupying civil and military establishment outnumbered the British colonialists.

The crimes of the imperialists

The crimes of the imperialists are not mere economic exploitation or genocide in the Muslim lands. Their greatest crime was committed in the field of education. Education was used as a satanic tool of indoctrination and to take the Muslims out of the Qur’nic roadmap -siratul mustaqeem. Hence, out of those indoctrinated deviants, they could raise huge army of collaborators against Islam even in the Muslim lands. The imperialists have withdrawn their armies from most of the occupied Muslims lands, but their political, cultural and educational infrastructure of de-Islamisation are still functioning with the same colonial agenda. Hence, the production of cultural and ideological converts is in full swing to feed the imperialists’ aim of global dominance. As a result, the imperialist do not find any difficulty to recruit coalition partners in their war against the Islamists.

The imperialists couldn’t make any significant religious conversion; but with the help of such corruptive tool of education could cause deep ideological and cultural perversion which proved to be highly detrimental to Islam and the Muslims. These ideological and cultural converts are known for their extreme enmity against Islam’s core beliefs and institutions. Hence, to fight against khilafa, sharia, jihad and Islam’s other institutions, the non-Muslim enemies do not need to deploy their kuffar soldiers in the Muslim land. The home-grown collaborators are doing the job. They only need the continuous flow of money and sophisticated weapons to their hand; and the enemies are ready to do that.  Whenever and wherever they face extinction by the Islamists, these collaborators send “save our souls” message to their imperialist masters. They invited the USA to Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they sending the same “save our souls” message from Baghdad, Damascus, Riyadh, Jordan, Arbil and many other Muslims cities. Hence the US bombers and drones are back to rescue these collaborators.

The western imperialists have shown their evil genius not only in inventing weapons of barbaric mass destruction. They have been equally evil in breeding lethal ideologies. Colonialism, racism, nationalism, socialism, communism, ethnic cleansing, economic exploitation, divide and rule, regional war, cold wars, and World Wars are indeed their own evil inventions. Their lethal ideologies could kill more people than the most lethal bugs. In the rivalry of showing national pride and superiority, the intoxicated nationalists of the west could kill more than 70 million people in two World Wars. The World Wars have ended, but their imperialism with national arrogance still thrives. Hence, their killing machine never stopped killing either. Millions have been killed in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. And still, the killing continues.

They spread those lethal ideological diseases in the Muslim World too; hence they could kill pan-Islamic unity and brotherhood of the Muslims. They destroyed not only khilafa, but also Islam’s judicial and social policies. In Muslim lands, there was never any minority issue. Forceful conversion was never Islamic, rather a barbaric European legacy. India’s 70% people remain Hindu after 7 hundred years of Muslim rule.  Seven hundred years’ Muslim rule in Spain didn’t force her population to accept Islam either. Even in Islam’s heart land like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, more than 10-20 % people remained non-Muslim for 1300 years. But in Europe, conversion to Christianity was so coercive, massive and state-managed that non-Christians were not even 0.5% in the so-called Holy Roman Empire. Such coercive conversion to Christianity was repeated also in Spain after the Muslim rule. Seven hundred years of Muslim Rule was wiped out so forcefully and completely that no Muslim was allowed to live there. The Muslim monuments still stand there only as icons of tourists’ attraction.  On the contrary, millions of Christian and Jews could flourish economically and culturally in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Morocco and other Middle Eastern countries for more than 1300 years.  The Jews met long persecution and even horrific genocide in Europe, but never in any Muslim land. But such peaceful co-existence of the Muslims with the Jews is badly damaged by the imperialists by spreading hateful ideas like “divide and rule” and implanting a racist and barbaric garrison state like Israel in the heart land of Islam. Under the western instigation and support, Israel is implementing a policy of ethnic cleansing by continuous massacre and forceful eviction of Palestinians from their parental homes. After the two World Wars, no land and no people are bombed so intensely as has been the case in Palestine.

Why Islamic khilafa?

For a believer, establishing an Islamic state is not a mere political or cultural need, it is an existential need. To exist and flourish as true Muslim, foods, drinks and fresh air are not enough. He also needs constant educational and cultural feeds. Otherwise, his faith in Allah SWT dies out and he ceases to exist as a true Muslim. And a believer can’t get such feeds in a non-Muslim kufr state; nor does he get under the occupation of the secularists. Ideas are no less toxic than the virus. Viruses kill bodies; and toxic ideas kill souls. To survive amidst the global epidemics of toxic ideas, strong immunity against those ideas is crucial. Such immunity can only be generated by adequate educational and cultural inputs. In fact, the Qur’anic education and the Islamic culture vaccinate the Muslims people to enhance their immunity against toxic beliefs and ideas. But in a kufr country, the opposite happens. The kufr education system and culture raise immunity in students against the Divine call of Islam: therefore hatred against khilafa, jihad and sharia is the rule in a kufr country. Hence in prophet’s time, it was haram to live in the midst kuffars: migration to a Muslim land was a religious obligation.  

A Muslim can’t raise his protective immunity on his own. He needs supportive educational and cultural policy and also needs huge state and social infrastructure. To raise such infrastructure is indeed a crucial civilizational work and is the most important task in Muslim life. A man gets great reward from Allah (SWT) for his contribution in such work. In fact, the holy Qur’ran prepares a believer for such a mission; and for that, studying Qur’an with a deep focus and understanding is a crucial ibada in Islam. Hence, the Qur’anic revelation didn’t start with the prescription of 5 times prayers, month-long fasting, haj or charity, but with education. The first revealed Qur’anic command of Allah SWT was “Iqra” (read). The satanic forces are not ignorant of such Qur’anic vision; therefore do everything to derail Muslims out of the Qur’anic mission. Hence, whenever evil forces occupy a Muslim land, they firstly dismantle this educational mission of the holy Qur’an. As a result of such evil intervention, the Muslims survive only with a Muslim name and rituals of prayers, not as civilizational force. The European imperialists took the Muslims down that road from day one of their occupation. Now the secularists are also doing the same.

A secular or kufr state never allows build any educational infrastructure for the special needs of the Muslims. They foresee their own death in such education. In a kufr country, the Muslims are given only one option; that is to assimilate with the main stream of the kufr society. Recently, the British Muslims received a sharp bite of such coercive policy. Some Muslim majority schools of Birmingham with more than 90% students, made a very modest effort to provide their children some basic Islamic understanding. That was labelled by the British establishment as a Trojan horse plot of the Islamic terrorists. For about a month, almost whole British media ran poisonous campaign against the Muslim. The Muslims who want to grow up with full adherence to Qur’anic teachings of Islam and refuse to melt down in the British culture are labelled threat to the British society. The Indian Muslims do not experience a better prospect either. Aligarh Muslim University was never known for Islamism. It was built by the Muslims to cater western education for the Muslim children to enhance their competitiveness in the job market. But after 1947, the Hindu establishment of the Indian government didn’t tolerate even such secular education for Muslims’ advancement. They took the control of the university from the Muslim hands into their own hands. But the Hindu University at Banaras is still thriving with the Hindu control and with the Hindu identity. These are few examples to show how it is difficult to grow up as a full Muslim and look after Muslim interest in a kufr state.

Inadequacies do not justify dissolution

During a period of 13 hundred years, khilafa showed some inadequacies, too. In Ummaiya, Abbasiya and Osmania times, many sinful Muslims with moral perversions became khalifa. But the Muslims never invited the kuffars to destroy the institution of khilafa. Nor did they revolt against them. Rather jumma khutba were recited in their names all over the Muslim world. Khilafa’s weakness or inadequacies can’t be the reason for its dissolution. Rather it needs continuous strengthening, refinement and protection. If the institution survives with its values and vision, even the corrupt head of the state can’t cause a great damage to the ummah. The institutions still continue to provide good services. The Muslim army could organise many successful jihads even under those imperfect caliphs and could protect the ummah from the blood thirsty kuffars. A house, even with many shortfalls, can protect its residents from disasters. The same is true with the house of ummah -the caliphate.

The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia labelled Islamic caliphate as the number one enemy of Islam! But he has shown no concern to resurrect this important legacy of the great prophet (pbuh) and his great companions. Rather he shows more concern for the safety of his corrupt master -the Saudi monarch. This Saudi mufti didn’t condemn the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan in the past. Neither did he condemn Israeli genocide in Gaza. On the contrary, he gave fatwa against holding protest rallies on the streets condemning Israeli atrocities. Therefore, not a single protest rally was allowed to take place in the whole kingdom. These are the people who celebrate the division of Muslims into 57 chicken states; and enjoy the deaths of jihadists by the US war planes and drones. Sheikh Yousuf al-Qardavi and other sheikhs of Al Azhar have proven no better than this Suadi grand mufti. They have also taken the same route. Khilafa was absent for 90 years, but these so-called scholars did nothing to revive it. When the young Islamists showed their audacity to revive it, like the kuffars, they, too show their readiness to destroy it! The sheiks of Al Azhar supported Genreral Sisi’s military coup against elected President Muhammad Morsi. They never condemned the brutal killings of thousands of unarmed civilians by the army. Their low morality got fully exposed when they recommended the life-term imprisonment of the elected President Mohammad Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders. In such a milieu of moral perversion of the Arab rulers and their crony sheikhs, Israeli Prime Minister Mr Benjamin Netanyahu could boastfully tell in public that Israel’s war on Gaza enjoys the support of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait and Jordan.


Khelafa phobia runs very high in the west. Khelafa survives in their psyche with image of Muslims as a dominant World Power. Khalifa’s army conquering European states and cities and laying seize around Vienna remains still alive in their memory. Hence, declaration of Islamic caliphate sent powerful shockwaves all over the west. Professor Ian Morris of Stanford University wrote in London’s Evening Standard on 1st of July, 2014 “Thirteen centuries ago an Islamic caliphate stretched from Portugal to Pakistan, ruled one-fifth of the world’s population. Now the caliphate is back”. Professor Morris didn’t hide his deep enmity against caliphate. He argued that the west must not waste time to crush the newly found caliphate, and he also warned if it is crushed now, Islam will emerge global power. He wrote: “It (caliphate) is just few thousand poorly armed fanatics in ragtag bands. The great powers could crash it in a few days if they made the effort. Yet the original caliphate was not much to look either –to start with, anyway. The original caliphs also commanded just a few thousand fanatics. They began infiltrating out of the Arabian Desert in the 630 AD, fuelled by the new Islam. The great powers –Persian and Byzantium –could have crushed the uprising with ease if they had made the effort.” He shows his frustration that the great power didn’t do that. Therefore he laments, Islam survives only due to such inaction of the big powers. Hence he argues that the western powers must learn from the history and must not do the same mistake now.  

The imperialists have lost their global empire. But the old arrogance still survives. Islamic caliphate didn’t invade any European or American soil. Iraq is about 2.500 miles away from UK and about 6,700 miles away from the USA. But still these imperialists consider politics and war in Iraq and Syria is their own domain of interest. Hence to have full control, they need to drop bombs there -typical expression of imperialism. The Muslims are not even allowed to practice the very basics of Islam like sharia, khilafa, jijiaya and jihad without their approval. As if, to please these imperialists, the Muslim should forget obeying Allah’s command. London’s daily Evening Standard published an op-ed on 13th August, 2014 with the caption “This is our war –Britain must halt the Islamic state”. In daily Telegraph, Col Tim Collins -one of British Army officers who take part in Iraq invasion, wrote on 11th August: “In the next month ancient civilisations will be extinguished on our watch unless we act. I cannot think back in my mind of a precedent.”      

But they have lost the courage to return back to Iraq. Malcolm Rifkind, the former Conservative British Foreign Secretary, wrote in his op-ed article in the Evening Standard: “There is no way that we are going back into Iraq”. He argued that after the trauma of the Iraq war and Afghanistan, the US, British and other non-Muslim countries should not get directly involved in the fighting and certainly not with combat forces on the ground. He suggested that Egypt, Jordan and Iraq government must develop a joint strategy to defeat the caliphate. In an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Friday (22/08/14), the former British Army Chief Lord Dannatt said it was inevitable that Britain would eventually start launching air strikes against Islamic state. He also suggested the government should open talks with the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad as part of the campaign against Islamic state. His comments about Assad were echoed by Mr Rifkind. Mr Rifkind wrote: it was sometimes necessary to work with "extremely nasty" people in order to defeat enemies who were even worse. But Mr Rifkind like many other western leaders failed to make any difference between the worse and the nasty. He has only picked up the one who would be useful to fulfil their imperialistic design. President Basher al-Assad has killed 191 thousands innocent people in Syria. His army has not spared children, women and weak. Millions of people have been forced to leave to the country. Many more millions are internally displaced. His war planes, tanks and long range artilleries have flattened Syria’s largest city Aleppo. Cities likes Homs, Hama, Dara, Dier az Zorr, Latakia and Ar-Raqqa are also badly destroyed. He also used chemical weapons. There is no proof that Islamic caliphate has done such killing and destruction anywhere in Syria and Iraq. Rather they are the victim of Syrian and Iraqi army bombing. But Mr Rifkind and many western leaders find Assad better than the caliphate. 

The strength of the caliphate

The newly declared Islamic caliphate possesses strong ideological, spiritual and political strength. Out of 57 Muslim countries, it is the only country on earth that has declared the Prophet’s way of governance as the state policy. This is the only country which has incorporated khilafa, jihad, sharia, jijiya and other Qur’anic prescription as the state principle. Besides, it is the only country in the Muslim world which discarded tribal, racial, geographical and linguistic bias from its politics and has opened door for all Muslims. Hence it has a pan-Islamic global appeal. It is true that millions of Muslims have been de-Islamised and converted to non-Islamic beliefs. These new converts to non-Islam have no love for the revival of Prophet’s Islam.  Rather, like the enemies of Islam, they have the same deep hatred against khilafa, jihad, sharia and other Islamic beliefs and practices. But it is also true that there are millions of Muslims who want to bring back the days of khilafa, sharia, jihad, jijiya in their midst without an iota of compromise or deviation. Like early Muslims they too, are ready to sacrifice their life and wealth for the revival of pure Islam. Allah SWT has His Own special narrative for these special people in the Holy Quran, “Among people there exists individual who wants to sell his soul for the sake of pleasing Allah” –(Sura Baqara Verse 207). Allah SWT has a special bargain with such believers that they should fight in His cause; and in return they get a place in the paradise. Allah –the Almighty reveals, “Surely Allah has bought of the believers their lives and their property for the price that they shall have the paradise. They fight in Allah’s way, so they kill (enemies) and are killed. It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Taurat (Torah) and in the Injil (Gospel) and the Qur’an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the supreme success.” –( Sura Taubah, Verse 111).

Hence a true Muslim gets a Divine purpose for his worldly survival. He considers his life as the purchased asset of Allah SWT; and hence feels faith-bound to protect the holy bargain. The return of Allah’s asset should be in the way as has been prescribed in the holy Qur’an: “They fight in Allah’s way, so they kill (others) and are killed.” In fact, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s army comprised of believers who already made a solemn bargain with Allah SWT. They were eager to return the asset to its real Owner in the prescribed way. Hence the Islamic Caliphate need not spend a single penny to keep the Islamic army in the war fields. No agency needed to recruit them. More than 70% of the prophet’s companion became shaheed (martyr); and hence returned back their life to its real Owner in the battlefield. The same is happening even today. Here lies the strength of the Islamic caliphate. The holy Qur’an is the book of Divine guidance for all humans till the day of qiyamah. Hence its strength of guiding and motivating people can’t be exhausted in only 14 hundred years: rather will remain intact in all ages to come. Today, the holy Qur’an is showing its strength fully intact to motivate people to sacrifice their life in the way of Allah SWT. This is why the Qur’anic prescription of hijra (migration) from a kufr land to Islamic land and jihad in His way has returned back to Muslims’ life. The US drones and bombs may kill thousands of these jihadists, but that will cause many more thousands to take their place.  

Can the US win the war?

The Islamic caliphate now controls over a land much larger than the Great Britain. It has an army of fighters who defeated Iraq’s 25 billion dollar army in Mosul in less than 24 hours.  The US needs to spend about 1 million dollar per soldier to keep him or her in the frontier. It spent more than a trillion dollar to keep its army in Afghanistan with no gain. Rather brought economic collapse in the USA.  Now they need another trillion dollar or more to keep the war alive against khelafa. But those who fight for khilafa, they join the war not for any salary; rather spend their own money to stay in the war field. They do it as the part of the deal with their Lord -Allah SWT. How the USA and its ally can fight such an army? Moreover, there remains some decisive factor that stands beyond USA’s own control. Allah SWT reveals in the holy Qur’an, “Victory is only from Allah and surely Allah is Mighty and Wise.” –(Sura Anfal, Verse 10). Hence, fate of a war is not decided in the war field, but in the Haven. Deciding the fate of war is the domain only of Allah SWT. Allah SWT never takes the side of the aggressors. Allah didn’t take the side of the USA in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq; hence they met defeat and heavy humiliation there. Who can be more aggressor than the USA who comes from a distance 6,700 miles to bomb a foreign land? Hence in its battle against Islamic caliphate, can the USA expect any better outcome? They may massively bomb some cities; can flatten many hills and houses. They can also win some battles. But can they win the war? 07/09/2014  

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