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The US War of Ideological Cleansing


Firoz Mahboob Kamal


The US joins al-Assad

The US-led imperialists now have entered the Syria soil and started a new killing mission to add up more massacres, more destruction and more blood bath along with the killer regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian tyrant has already killed more than 200 thousands people over the last three years. Most of the victims are children, women and innocent civilians. His army has turned hundreds of cities and villages only to rubbles. The whole country is now a war-field, al-Assad’s army is using barrel bombs, chemical bombs, missiles and heavy artillery shells to cause more killing and destruction.  The devastating war has now entered into its 4th year. More than one-third of the population have been driven out of Syria. So far the USA and its partners did nothing to stop the ongoing genocide and destruction. They haven’t thrown even a single stone at al-Assad’s army to stop the brutality. Rather, what al-Assad’s army have done to Homs, Hama, Aleppo and other Syrian cities, the USA is doing the same to Kobani. It is now using its warships, fighter jets, missiles and thousands of tons of bombs to bring more deaths and devastation. The US-led Western countries have diverted the whole focus of the war from defeating al-Assad’s brutal army to destroying the Islamic State.


However, President Bashar al-Assad’s brutality shows some visible difference from its US brand. The Syrian oil fields, gas fields and the oil refineries could still survive from al-Assad’s bombing. These are the assets for the common good for all the Syrian people of all faiths, tribes and ethnicities. But such assets couldn’t survive from the US savagery. Nor did al-Assad showed luxury of dropping tons of bombs on a barren mountain in Kobani only to burn a black flag with the name of Allah Subhana wa Taala and His prophet (peace be upon him) on it. Bashar al-Assad didn’t consider it a strategic target. But it appeared like a military instillation in the eyes of the American warlords. So they dropped tons of bombs on it. The photo of the blown up hill and flag was shown worldwide by the Western media. This way they displayed their venom against the name of Allah Subhana wa Taala and His great prophet (peace be upon him).


However, it is not a new symptom of the American paranoia. Even before dropping bombs in Kobani, many mosques were bombed, scores of copies of the holy Qur’an were desecrated and many Islamic madrasas were burnt by the US occupying forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. The US has taken all brands of anti-Islamic parties, thugs and militias as the closest partners in war against Islam. In Afghanistan, the closest allies of the US are the man-slaughtering warlords of the Northern Alliance. In Iraq, they are the throat-slitting Shia militia. Now in Syria, they have forged strong partnership with the well-known Marxist-Leninist terrorists. Long before the war in Syria, Kurdish Marxist-Leninists YPJ party (People's Protection Units) in Syria and its sister organisation PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) in Turkey were known as the terrorist organisation in the US. In Kobani, the US has dropped huge cache of weapons and foods for the Marxist-Leninists to save them from eminent defeat.


For the US and its ally, the tyrant al-Assad and his brutality is not an issue. Saving men and women, protecting human rights or promoting democracy is not a concern either. The main issue is the destruction of the Islamic State and its strategic assets.  Each Tomahawk missile costs 1.4 million dollar. Such a high precision missile is used only to destroy high-value enemy targets like naval warships, air force base, radar station or other strategic military installations. The Islamic State possesses none of such magnitude. But the US has other high-value targets in Islamic State. These are the cities, townships, villages and houses that breed resentment against the US-led barbarity in the Muslim World and produce combative jihadists. Hence, these stipulated targets are indiscriminately bombed. Till now (25/10/14), the US warships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea fired 47 Tomahawk missiles only on one city of Kobani –along with hundreds of air bombings. With the same paranoia, Israel dropped thousands of tons of bombs on Gaza in its recent war.   


Monopoly of violence

The US-led coalition of the imperialists wants to monopolise every tool of violence. They consider it crucial for the global hegemony. They don’t want others –especially the Islamists to possess even the minimal weapons for their self-defence. Under the colonial occupation, the natives of the occupied countries were not allowed to keep even a shotgun or sword for their own defence. They considered such minor tools threat to their colonial hegemony. But they possessed every weapon of mass destruction. The US-led imperialists want to keep such a status quo. They can invade and bomb any country they wish and kill as many people as they like. The US has invaded 7 countries in the 21st century, and killed millions of innocent men, women and children in those occupied lands.


In the imperialists’ vocabulary, such invasions, bombings and killings are no crime. Nor do they call such acts as terrorism. They deny others the right of resistance against such invasion and killings. Hence, in the US-led camp, the occupation of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing of its native people is not a crime. But raising heads against the occupation and ethnic cleansing is terrorism. As if, full compliance with the enemy occupation is the only option for keeping up the survival. Gaza was bombed for more than 50 days to punish its people –only for the non-compliance with the imposed blockade. Now it is the turn of newly formed Islamic State. Kobani is the new Gaza. It is smaller than Gaza and the city is almost vacant. But still it had residential quarters, houses, shops, roads and a hill with a black flag with the name of Allah Subhana wa Taala and His prophet (peace be upon him) on it; therefore high-value strategic targets for the US bombing campaign. Till now (25/10/14), the US Air Force has bombed 550 times on this small city. Here in Kobani the US-led coalition made a history and a world record. No city of the size of Kobani was bombed so heavily in the whole human history, even not during the whole World War period. The bombing mission still continues.


The war of ideological cleansing

The US-led imperialists’ war has a clear strategic objective. It is the ideological cleansing of the world –especially the Muslim world. They have defeated Soviet Union; and thus have cleansed the world from communism. Now the target is Islam with its Qur’anic model of shura, sharia, khilafa, jijiya, jihad, pan-Islamism and other socio-political policies. Hence, wherever there is a resurgence of Islam with such prophetic model of rule, an imposed war by the West is inevitable. The prophet of Islam couldn’t avoid such a war from the contemporary kuffars; nor can do avoid the modern days’ followers of the prophet. The kuffars of the modern days are no less intolerant and inimical against Islam than their ancestors. The present day enemies of Islam couldn’t get any chance to fight wars against the great prophet of Islam, but they have the opportunity to fight war against his devout followers and his Islamic policies. And they don’t want to miss that opportunity. Hence, the US is not concerned about the deaths and destruction in the cities of Homs, Hama, Aleppo and other Syrian cities, but worried about the fall Kobani under the Islamists.


The USA is the worst ideological state on earth. Its ideology is global imperialism twined with liberal capitalism and the culture of consumerism and pleasure-seeking hedonism.  The US-led west is happy with the Islam of Saudi kings, Gulf sheikhs, Egyptian or Pakistani generals and other Muslim secularists. The imperialists are even happy to take them as partners in their war against Islam. But they consider the jihadi Islamists inspired by Qur’an as the greatest threat to their global hegemony. The US-led coalition wants to populate the global village with the people of single ideology, single economy and the single culture. Like pharaoh, Nimrod and other tyrants of the human history, they too are deadly against an ideological and cultural plurality. Even the Christian tyrant Constantine –the Byzantine Roman Emperor didn’t believe in such pluralism either. He forcefully converted his almost every citizen to Christianity. So non-Christian in his empire was almost non-existent. The same happened after the Christian takeover of Spain from the Muslims. The religious, cultural and ethnic plurality that existed for about 7 hundred years’ Muslim rule in Spain was stampeded by the Christian tyrants. The Western imperialists too want to take down the same route. They want others to melt down into their ideological cum cultural pot. This is why the French Parliament put a ban on wearing a head scarf; and hijab is banned in many European countries. In colonial era, to attain such an ideological and cultural hegemony, they carried out massive ethnic cleansing in America, Australia, New Zealand and many other parts of the world. Only this way, the British, the French and the Spanish people could make space for their own people and expand their empires in the newly discovered lands. But such ethnic cleansing in thickly populated modern world is unachievable. Therefore, they have taken down the route of ideological cleansing. Hence, they are support the secularist tyrants’ killing mission against Islamists in the Muslim countries. This is why, they gleefully welcomed General Sisi’s military coup against the elected Islamist President Dr Morsi in Egypt. For the same reason, they welcomed the coup against the winning Islamists in Algeria. As the part of the same strategy, they are also forcing the governments of the Muslim countries on restricting Qur’anic teachings in schools and imposing ban on books on jihad and other basics of Islam. For winning the ideological war against Islam, the US-led coalition thinks it crucial.


The ideological colonies

After the colonial occupation, establishing ideological cum cultural colonies in the newly occupied land received the highest priority. For that, along with ethnic cleansing, the ideological cleansing through wholesale ideological conversion of the native people was considered the most popular tool in the imperialists’ camps. The political policies, meticulous social engineering and the education system worked as powerful tools to meet that end. The imperialists failed to produce significant number of religious converts from the Muslims; but got huge number of ideological converts. The ideological cleansing was so huge that Islam with its pure Qur’anic vision of khilafa, sharia, shura, jihad, pan-Islamic brotherhood and politico-social policies couldn’t survive in those occupied Muslim lands. Islam could survive only as a code of some prayer rituals and non-political sufi dogmas. Such a policy of cultural and ideological conversion through education was revealed by T.B Macaulay, a well-known British imperialist and educational interventionist for India in his speech in British parliament on 2nd February 1835. He stated, “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, --a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect” Even now, the British imperialists must be rejoicing the monumental success of such an educational policy in India. The project was so much successful that the products of the educational factories not only serve as the interpreters –as Mr Macaulay wished but also shed their blood for the British Empire. Even man like Mr Gandhi recruited soldiers for the British Army for the First World War.


The colonial occupation has formally ended; but the damaging legacy of the colonial rule still survives. The ideological cum cultural colonies of the imperialists still flourish in former colonies. The educational industries too, that were established to produce the ideological converts still function, rather with more massive production lines to feed the same objectives. The bureaucratic quarters, the army cantonments and the judicial enclaves in all big cities of the Muslim countries are indeed the ideological islands of the imperialists. These ideological converts living in those islands showed their ideological and cultural incompatibilities with the traditional Islamists of their own country. Nor could they reconcile with the political aspirations of the Muslim majority. As a result, each Muslim country has been divided into a country of two nations: the nation of Islamists and the nation of non-Islamic converts. As a result, unending ideological war has erupted in almost all Muslim lands that turned into blood-letting civil war in many countries. 


The greatest terrorist

The Western imperialists fight wars, occupy lands and shed bloods -not only for political dominance and economic exploitation, but also for ideological and cultural hegemony. Whatever ideology stands against them becomes a war target. Before the collapse of Soviet Union, the target was communism. Now it is Islam. For the cause of its global hegemony, the USA doesn’t respect the national boundary of any other country. It does not bother to take any permission from the UN to invade a country either. Rather the UN needs to endorse each and every US invasions for its own survival. Both physically and politically, the UN itself stands helpless hostage on the US soil. Therefore, like its previous invasion, the current bombing campaign in Syria also gets the full UN endorsement and support. Even Mr Ban Ki-moon –the UN Secretary General openly campaigned in support of such an US war mission. If use of violence for any political, ideological or financial purpose is terrorism, then who can be the greatest terrorist on earth than the US?  For political arm-twisting, so far, who has used more weapons of mass destruction than the US? The US and its partners exercise the military and economic might to redraw the political map of others –as done in the Middle East, but don’t allow others to decide their own future –even through democratic means. So it engineered coup against the democratic Prime Minister Sharif Musaddeq of Iran in 1953, against Allende of Chile in 1973, against the Islamists of Algeria in 1991 and against President Morsi of Egypt in 2013.


The snake changes only its skin; but never retires from the biting habit. Nor does it stop the production of poisonous venom –the lethal weapon. The same is true with the imperialists. So massacre of more than 70 million people in two World Wars couldn’t quench the thirst of these imperialists for more killings. So they repeatedly went on the same killing mission even after the most catastrophic two World Wars. The people of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq have already tasted their barbarity. In Vietnam, Napalm bombs were dropped even on forests –on the pretext of destroying the safe havens of the native fighters. As a result, huge plant and animal habitation had to taste the US barbarity. Thousands of children, women and unarmed civilians were scorched to death with fire bombs. Now it is the turn of the Syrian people to taste the same cruelty.  In Syria, innocent men, women and children are not the only targets; equally innocent fields, hills, mountains, forests, roads and highways also seem to be the strategic targets.


What Israel did in Gaza, the US is doing the same in its own Gaza –the Islamic State; rather with more ferocity. Israel didn’t use Tomahawk missile against civilian population. But the US is repeatedly using it. Its bomber planes are now carpet bombing the cities and villages of the Islamic State. Unlike Israel, the US is not alone in its killing mission. It has many equally brutal partners. The British and the French have already joined the bombing campaign; and more than 60 countries have also expressed their wish to support the campaign. Some bombers from the neighbouring Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Arab Emirates have also joined the mission. The ongoing US bombing campaign in Kobani has indeed fully diverted the direction of the whole war efforts in Syria. It is no more a war against the genocidal al-Assad. Now it is against the Islamic State.


The war of ideas

The US and its partners want to cleanse the world of ideas that are against their own world view and political ambition. But idea doesn’t live in army cantonment or residential areas; it grows only in people’s heart and mind. Hence in ideological war, bombing on military installations or residences doesn’t work. Rather such bombing enhances only its bumper growth. The US war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria gives a strong testimony to it. After the US bombings and killings in those countries, the Islamists got many fold increase; not only in those countries, rather globally. Such a rapid growth of Islamists also happened after the Soviet bombing in Afghanistan. To add its own disgrace, the US has taken the same route. So, thousands of bombs and missiles are now being dropped on Syria’s residential areas to kill more civilians. The Israeli Army did that in Gaza too. The US Army has been doing the same in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan for more than a decade. The Islamic State has no cantonment, no naval ship and no visible military installation. But it has many people with combative Islamic ideas, hence turn potential target for US bombings. The war of ideas thus turns more genocidal.  But Israeli bombings couldn’t finish Hamas in Gaza. The US bombing in Afghanistan couldn’t finish Taleban in Afghanistan either. Can they end the Islamists in Syria?   


No peaceful option

The Islamists have never been given a peaceful option. The history repeatedly reveals that truth. The Muslims once became the number one World Power and the most dominant civilisation force on earth. For that, they had to advance every inch by sacrificing their life. More than 70% of the companions had to die for the cause. In every segment of history and in every land, the evil forces always used the extreme form of violence against the Divine truth. Even the greatest sons of mankind, like Hazrat Ibrahim (blessing of Allah Subhana wa Taala be on him), Hazrat Musa (blessing of Allah Subhana wa Taala be on him), Hazrat Isa (blessing of Allah Subhana wa Taala be on him) and Muhammad (peace be upon him) were not given a peaceful option either. They had to suffer the most barbaric persecution. Prophet Ibrahim (blessing of Allah SWT be on him) was thrown into fire. Hazrat Musa (blessing of Allah SWT be on him) has been chased by Pharaoh and his army onto the sea. Hazrat Isa (blessing of Allah SWT be on him) was put on the cross. The last prophet of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala Muhammad (peace be upon him) also suffered the severest persecution; the tribal leaders of Makka made a final plan to kill him.


The old enemies of Islam have died; but a coalition of new enemies has emerged with the same venom against Islam and the Islamists. Hence the same war still continues. Only the names and brands of weapons have changed, but not the aim and enmity. The US President Obama, the British Prime Minister Cameron and the French President Hollande have joined the same rank to launch a full scale war against the Islamists. Their war is not only against Islamic State or Islamic Khilafa, but also against the Islamists all-over the world. They are not ready to reconcile with the political, cultural and ideological objectives of Islam. Whoever wants the full practice of Islam -as was practised by the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his great companions with full implementation of sharia, shura, khalifa, jihad and other Islamic fundamentals are labelled terrorist; hence considered enemy.


Terrorism with a different meaning

No part of the world is so much infested with brutal tyrants as is the case of Middle East. The Saudi tyrants can behead or imprison as number of people as they like. There exists no accountability. The Egyptian courts too can hang as many people as they wish. Even one day is enough for an Egyptian judge to prosecute hundreds of people in a room and declare their death sentences. The Egyptian army can also kill thousands of innocent people in a single night -as they killed in Raba al-Adabiya in Cairo in August 2013. There need not answer anyone for such crimes. Such massive terrorising acts of these tyrants never receive any label of terrorism by the US-led imperialists. Rather they display great love for them. They consider them the strategic partners to sustain their dominance over oil-reach Middle East. Their help is also needed for ensuring Israel’s long term security. These US-led imperialists are not only complacent with their brutalities, but also take every step to ensure their full protection. For that, the US and its partners not only keep ever-presence of their warships, but also have established large number of military bases in the Middle East.


The US President Barak Hussein Obama, in his speech in the UN on 24th September, labelled the Islamic State a “nexus of barbarity”. The question: what about his own barbarity? The US drones, missiles and fighter jets are killing children, women and unarmed civilians in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and many other countries of the world. Israeli Army killed 2130 people in its recent 50 days’ war in Gaza and destroyed more than twenty thousand houses and hundreds of schools. What was the US action? Wasn’t it a crime to adopt a policy of inaction against such Israeli genocide? It appears from the speeches of the Western leaders, as if no killing took place before the creation of Islamic khilafa! How many civilians are killed by the Islamic State fighters?  How many civilians are evicted by them? How many houses have been destroyed by the Islamists? After beheading of one British citizen, the British Prime Minister Cameron called Baghdadi “terrorist khalifa”. What about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who killed more than two thousands in Gaza? What about George W Bush and Tony Blair? Are they not responsible for about one million civilian deaths and huge destruction because of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why “terrorist Netanyahu” and “terrorist Bush” do not get any mention in Mr Cameron’s speech?


In speeches of US-led imperialists, as well as in the vocabulary of the tyrant kings, sultans, sheikhs and generals, terrorism has a different meaning. The war for ending occupation, the struggle for removing tyrant killers and the fight for basic human rights have always been labelled as terrorist acts by the tyrants and the imperialist occupiers. Hence Mr Gandhi of India, Mr Nelson Mandela of South Africa and many others of the Third World countries had to go to the prisons for protesting against the colonial occupation. For the same reason, al-Assad of Syria, the Saudi Kings, the military coup leaders of Egypt and the Sheiks of the Gulf countries called his opponents as terrorist. Any effort towards implementing sharia is labelled as terrorism, too. Since the mission is the same, the US-led imperialists are quite happy to take these proven killers as the partners in their killing mission against the Islamists.


The intolerance

The US President Barak Hussein Obama, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and many other Western leaders didn’t hide their own thoughts vis-à-vis Islamic khilafa.  They have already declared that they are not ready to tolerate Islamic khilafa in any part of the world.  Mr Obama has made a pledge that the US will “contain, degrade and destroy” Islamic State. Mr Cameron called Islamic state a “terrorist caliphate”. He also claimed that inaction against Islamic State’s barbarism can’t be a policy. With an implied support for the US-led war, the Roman Catholic Pope too urged that something must be done to protect the Christian minorities and Yazeedis from the Islamists. Mr Obama, Mr Cameron, and the Catholic Pope never pleaded for such a war against the genocidal regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria or other killer regimes of the Middle East. Neither did they say such words against the Israeli atrocities in Gaza.


The US-led imperialists have their own reasons for virulent and violent opposition against an Islamic state. They are not ignorant of historical implication and connotation of khilafa. Khilafa doesn’t come alone. It also brings pan-Islamic Muslim brotherhood, sharia, jihad, Islamic education, Islamic social policies and a global vision of liberation of the people from yoke of evil forces. It works as a hub of Muslim unity and inspires Muslims to emergence as a unified global power. Such an Islamic state brings an end not only to enemy hegemony but also to non-Islamic values, culture, laws and judiciary in Muslim lands. The Western imperialist are not ready to accept such a colossal end of their own ideology. Moreover, they are not ready to give such a dignified space for the Muslims either. Hence, they are now desperate to crush Islam as the political ideology and dismantle Islamic State in its nascent form.


The war against Allah Subhana Wa Taala

The imperialist’s war is not only against the Muslims or the Islamists. It is also against Allah Subhana wa Taala. Establishing Islamic state or caliphate following the prophet’s tradition is a Divine obligation. If this obligation is not fulfilled, many other obligations can’t be practised either. About 70-80% of Allah’s command can only be practised if Muslims could live in an Islamic state. Fish can survive only in water; Muslims too needs a fully Islamic state to live with full Islam. He can’t properly punish even a killer or a criminal in a non-Islamic state. Islamic state or caliphate brings other blessings too. It is the quick way of adding strength to the Muslim Ummah. In the first 13 years of the Islam in Makka, the greatest prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam with his unprecedented knowledge, character and dawa skills –supported by many miracles, couldn’t convert even 3 hundred people. But in the following 20 years under the Islamic caliphate, Muslims emerged as the number one world power. Islamic caliphate worked as the most powerful civilizational force on earth. The Muslims can’t win a war, neither can do any moral or politico-cultural reconstruction, nor can do any effective dawa works without the institutional support of the Islamic khalifa. In fact, the failures of the world’s 1.3 billion squarely lie on the absence of Islamic khalifa. Hence, mosques, madrasas, political parties, charity organisations, tabligi ijtema and sufi khanqas were never considered as the substitute of khelafa. Khelaf’s substitute is khilafa itself.     


Allah Subhana Wa Taala has a clear announcement for those who do not follow His sharia in making judicial judgement. He called them kafir, jalem and fasik  -(Sura Ma’ida, Verse 44 -47). Therefore, noncompliance with sharia takes away a man’s Muslim identity; and dumps him with a tag of non-Muslimness. Can any amount of salah (prayer), fasting, haj or charity cover up such a kufr of noncompliance? Compliance with sharia is indeed the key marker of muslimness of a believer. Any form of noncompliance with sharia is kufr -therefore route to the hellfire. Therefore, a true believer can never take a non-sharia path. But how can sharia be practised without an Islamic State? No one can take the sharia law in his own hand, it needs state apparatus. Hence Islamic State is an indispensable necessity. The prophet of Islam needed it. The companions of the prophet and the later Muslims needed it, too. But none of the current 57 Muslim countries claim to be the follower of prophetic method of governance; neither do they practice sharia in making judicial judgment. The so-called Muslim states have indeed made it very difficult to live like a full Muslim. The kuffar enemies of Islam want to keep such status quo. 


So, the need for a full sharia-compliant Islamic state is most urgent and most crucial. Any further delay will only expedite Muslims’ peril and earn more curses from Allah Subhana Wa Taala. Establishment of such an Islamic state is indeed the first step towards breaking the status quo of failures. It is also a big step towards becoming full Muslim for the believers. The Muslims can survive without further economic or scientific progress, but can’t wish to pass a single day without a desire and commitment for an Islamic state. But all the evil forces of the world want to deprive the Muslims from fulfilling such a crucial religious need with their full military might. The whole conceptual framework for an aggressive war against the nascent Islamic State is indeed based on such a devilish ploy. 01/11/2014


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