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In the Line of Hell Fire
Chapter 11: The Prime Monster!
The Prime Monster!
Dictators always like dwarfs to be around so that they may appear tall and they want the most obedient servants who do not bother to use their conscience at all. And this is the precise reason that we have Bush, Mush and Tony around ! Dictators slave behave like dictators! Like father like son. So Bush resembles very mush Sharon and Mush resembles very much Bush.
As Zionist Neo Cons are ruling the world, they need people who could suck the blood of their nations and then present the blood on a silver plate to their masters. So we have a Prime Monster in Pakistan. His name is Shaukat Aziz. In order to bring him in power Mush had to do many law breakings which he is in any way quite good and used to by now. First he made him a member of senate for which all he had to do was to send a message to his little puppies in the parliament who had agreed to do any thing he wants to do as long they are regularly getting pieces of flash of their nation/ These are called PML Q and PPP Patriot at this point in Pakistan. The Senators are not elected from General Public but rather are "Elected" through a process of flea and auction markets. You have to either purchase the desired MPAs or you have to use some stick e.g. that of big boss. After his selection, I mean so called election as Senate, Mr. Shaukat Aziz was made the Finance Minister of Pakistan. While he was Finance Minister he was designated as "Prime Minister" in waiting and then the Election Commissioner and his staff was ordered to get him elected by hook or Crook and so they did. I congratulated Mr. Shaukat Aziz tow days prior to his great " win" through the following letter to the editor:
16th August, 2004
The Editor,
Daily Dawn,
Dear Editor: Assalamo Alaikum.
I hereby on this 16th day of August 2004 "congratulate" Mr. Shaukat Aziz on winning the National Assembly Seats from Attcok and Thar. I am so sure of his victory that I am extending my "Congratulations" to him" two days prior to voting! Mr. Shaukat Aziz is so "Pious" that even if not a single mortal soul comes out to vote for him, "˜angles" from sky will come and fill his boxes. Pakistan is after all land of Pirs and Saints. Such miracles we have witnessed in time of Ayoub Khan (Vs. Fatima Jinah), Zia Ul Haque (Vs. No body), Pervaiz Musharraf (Vs. no body) and the history is about to repeat itself. So congratulations Shaukat Aziz well done and congratulations "angles"!
With Most Cordial Regards,
Sincerely yours,
Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque
116, St. 49 F 11/3
Islamabad 44000
Ph: 2293707, 2294099
E-mail: anwar51@cyber. "
Of course Dawn did not publish this letter, after all it has to keep receiving pieces of fresh flash and blood of this nation in the form of huge and big advertisements which have not filled the bottomless pot of its owners greed.
The way Shaukat Aziz was elected i.e. a working Foreign Minister (The laws were amended by Musharraf so that he was not required to resign prior to his "election"), even a black wild pig of Islamabad can be elected. After (S)election of Shaukat Aziz as MNA he was nominated as Prime Minister of Pakistan. In order to be the Prime minister of Pakistan you had to be a Muslim and not a Qadyani while Shaukat Aziz was a die hard Qadyani and his father Mr. Abdul Aziz was an Engineer and a  Qadyani activist at Radio Pakistan Karachi. But Musharraf himself is a son of a Perwaizee and hence a Non Muslim according to Quran and Sunnah and his wife is a Qadyani. We are quite sure that both Musharraf and Shaukat are Free Masonic too. So there was a fraternal relationship; all belonging to the most obedient servants to the enemies of Allah and enemies of Islam. When the so called parliament was about to elect him as a Prime Minister on orders of Musharraf I wrote a letter to all MNAs of Pakistan but of course it fell in their deaf ears. The letter is reproduced here: "
Tuesday, November 14, 2006
An Open letter from People of Pakistan to the Members of National Assembly
Assalamo Alaikum (peace be upon you)
Frankly speaking the people of Pakistan are extremely disappointed and angry. Both houses of the parliaments have virtually reduced to a RUBBER STAMP OF a MILITARY DICTATOR who himself takes dictations from the enemies of Islam and Pakistan thus making Pakistan a salve country. The dictator did not find any person suitable for Prime Minister from the house of about 300 MNAs. This is a clear slap on the face of all MNAs and the institution of National Assembly.
The military dictator declared Shaukat Aziz "Prime Minister Designate "! This was shameless pre poll rigging. New projects were started and two Chief Ministers and Nazims exerted their massive influence to harass voters to not to come to polling stations so that bogus voting can be facilitated three innocent people were killed point blank! The Election Commission was seen stamping the votes in thousands. The result was obvious.
We the people of Pakistan demand from you to resist all the dictations of the military dictator who had violated the constitution of Pakistan , his oath and the military rules on many occasions. You must vote according to your conscience and not to the desire and wishes of the tyrant. Allah Ta'lah in Quran-e-Majeed has asked us to stand against Ta'ghoot (The false gods). So please stop worshipping and making Sajood to Pervaiz Musharraf. Remember Allah has reserved the lowest place of the hell for the hypocrites and remember the day when children, spouse, money, status, property or friends will be of no help.  Please do not leave your name in the history among Mir Jaffir, Mir Saddiq and Abdullah Ibn-e-Ubai. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) stood firm against all odds and Allah granted him the greatest successes. It is in your hands to restore the honor and dignity of this house and by doing so you will be restoring your own honor.


After becoming so called Prime Minister, he rapidly transformed into a Prime Monster. He started taking massive loans right and left from IMF and World Bank. As the names of these two Zionist controlled institution of massive blood sucking of the poor brings bad taste and smell, these organizations have created many different branches with fancy names e.g. "Paris Club", "Asian Development Bank" etc. The prime intention is to borrow money in the name of people, waste it completely by spending it on useless items and on favorite people and then make the entire nation pay these massive loans with hefty compound interest. This Prime Monster who is a habitual liar with larded smooth tongue claims to have rescued the nation from clutches of IMF while the fact is that he had taken unprecedented gigantic loans e.g. 372 Billions Rupees loans in the last budget. The Prime Monster does not leave any opportunity to take a loan. For example in the context of 8th October, 2005 Earthquake he took 3 Billion Rupees loans at the time of so called Donors Conference and then again about 60 Billions in the last budget. I wrote the following letter of protest which is reproduced here: "It is unfortunate that the so-called Government of Pakistan has invited International Monetary Banks in the donors' conference. These bloodsuckers will try to give loan in the name of "AIDS" to the people of Pakistan. As usual the loans will be eaten up by high ups and poor people will be made to return the loans along with heavy interest over years. This will also result in poverty and erosion of buying power of common man along with devaluation of currency. Remember dollar used to be equivalent of only four rupees and now it is worth 60 rupees.
Pakistanis and Muslims of other countries have donated generously and therefore there is no need for any loans. Mr. Shaukat Aziz has been constantly lying and deceiving the people of this country by borrowing on one hand and by claiming that he has broken the "Kashkoal". He is simply changing the different branches of IMF i.e. Paris club etc.
When Jesus (PBUH) opposed interest-based transactions, the Zionists of that time tried to kill him but utterly failed. Then they tried to eliminate the message of Jesus (PBUH) through rabid Rabbi Paul but again badly failed as the God sent the well protected and preserved message in the form of Quran. No one can change a single letter of Quran and its language will never get outdated and old as witnessed over 1400 years long span when all languages underwent numerous changes and scripts of much shorter period became obsolete.
Allah, the All mighty had sent a birthday gift of earthquake on October 8, 2005. The first missile against Afghan Muslims was shot on October 8, 2005 from Oman with full help of Musharraf Rajeem. As interest is absolutely prohibited in Islam, further engagement in such practices will only invite wrath of Allah Ta'lah in addition to causing more poverty. The loans in the name of AIDS is no less serious threat than the disease AIDS; one is caused by the virus of IMF etc while the other is caused by HIV. We have to avoid both
With Most Cordial Regards,
Sincerely yours,
Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque
116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad 44000
Pakistan. Ph: 2293707"
Even British Christian charity Oxfam criticized Prime Monster and his boss Mush over this cruel borrowing. Its protest is reproduced here: "Oxfam terms loans short-term solutions
Dawn Report

ISLAMABAD , Nov 20: British charity Oxfam has said it was disappointed that most of the money in the new pledges at the Donors' Conference was in the form of loans instead of grants.

"It is encouraging to see so many donors attending the conference so soon after the disaster. The pledges made on the occasion to help the survivors of the earthquake are welcome," said Jane Cocking, the Oxfam humanitarian coordinator in Pakistan in a statement.

However, Oxfam said it feared the pledges would prove to be short-term solutions to the long-term needs.

The international community risks heaping even more misery on survivors by increasing the debt burden of Pakistan through these reconstruction loans, it said.

It will be the poorest who will be the most affected by this. Donors must work harder to help them climb the huge mountain of challenges they face to rebuild their lives and livelihoods, it added.

PRM: The People's Rights Movement (PRM) on Sunday condemned the rhetoric of the international community during the donors conference in Islamabad .

In a press release, the PRM pointed out that at least half of the pledged aid would be in the form of loans, which would eventually be borne by the people already burdened with over $35 billion external debt.

"This debt has been accumulated by the successive governments over the decades, the majority of whom have received military aid to represent the geo-political interests of the western capitalist countries."

The movement said that this aid had also been used to implement the anti-people economic policies based on reinforcing the structural dependency of Pakistan on the capitalist countries.

The PRM said that it had become painfully apparent that neither Pakistan 's ruling class nor the international community responded to the quake with the urgency required to deal with the crisis.

At the donors conference, the hypocritical posturing had been exposed once and for all. He said there was no guarantee that all of the pledged aid would even be delivered.

MMA: Meanwhile, central leader of Muttahida Majlis-i- Amal (MMA) Liaquat Baloch says the International Donors Conference has burdened Pakistan with loans, reports Online news agency.

Talking to the agency by phone here on Sunday, the MMA leader said that the opposition was not taken into confidence prior to the holding of the conference. "We condemn it," he said, adding that listening of the speeches by the opposition leaders in the conference was of no use.

Mr Baloch said that the donors had expressed their lack of trust in the government, as they had appointed their consultants to run their respective projects so that transparency in utilisation of the funds could be ensured.

He was of the view that the opposition parties were helping the quake affected people in a better way.

There is no need to extend a begging hand to anyone, he stressed.

Responding to a question, he said overall the conference had drawn a blank and the country had come under more loan burden than receiving grants in consequence of pledges made in the conference."
And the planned waste can be seen from this Oxfam report in Dawn:
"Corrupt officials fleecing quake survivors: Oxfam
By Our Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD , Oct 4: About 1.8 million survivors of last year's earthquake will be forced to spend another difficult winter in transitional shelters because of patchy progress of recovery and slow construction of housing and infrastructure, aid agency Oxfam said in a report released on Wednesday.

Corruption by officials was compounding the miseries of the survivors, it said.

"Several instances have come to our notice wherein local officials verifying land ownership documents have been involved in corruption and the situation is serious enough for the government and humanitarian community to take action," Oxfam Country Representative Farhana Farouqi Stocker told a press briefing.

Revenue officers had been found charging inflated fees for issuing essential documents, she said.

She said besides local officials landlords were reportedly demanding up to a 50 per cent share of the official shelter compensation before signing the agreement that a tenant needed to receive the cash.

The Oxfam representative called upon the government and the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority to be transparent and accountable in their projects and reconstruction activities not only to the donors but also to the survivors.

The report also speaks about the extremist organisations exploiting the situation for their ideological interests.

Ms Stocker said although it was normal for faith-based organisations to get involved in relief and recovery efforts in any disaster, there were concerns about their political agenda and connections with militants.

Organisations with suspected links to illegal armed groups, the report says, have gained influence through management of camps, schools and health facilities.

Certain groups and influential local figures have occasionally organised protests, tried to influence public opinion and issued warnings to humanitarian agencies to leave or face violent ejection, it says.

Attempts to prevent the employment of women in reconstruction activities, including sporadic threats against NGOs who hire them, are also sources of concern, the report says.

Ms Stocker criticised Erra for not involving the local authorities in decision making and implementation process as she called for properly consulting local authorities and their greater involvement in decision making for the sake of sustainability of efforts.

In this regard, the report says a combination of strong centralised policy-making, lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities and new, under-resourced structures sometimes cause tensions among Erra, the provincial and state governments and public services departments. Meanwhile, local authorities are concerned about how much input they have into strategy, their access to resources and technical support and to what degree their mandates are being challenged.

Ms Stocker urged the government and the humanitarian community to mount an urgent effort to keep 1.8 million vulnerable survivors alive, warm and well this winter, which, she said, was expected to be much severe than the last one.

She cautioned that the time available was short with snow now falling in the mountains earlier than expected.

Quoting authorities, the report states that only 17 per cent of the 450,000 affected households have begun building permanent homes. Oxfam estimates at least 80 per cent of the remaining families, equivalent to 1.8 million people, are still living in temporary shelters with the rest staying with friends and relatives. Over 40,000 people are known to be in tents in official camps.

Thousands of others are believed to be in unofficial camps and tents close to their home villages.

A recent Oxfam survey of 17 earthquake-hit villages found that virtually all those living in tents lacked adequate protection against winter."
And how the slaves and obedient servants can take the "credit" for the crimes and  "sins" of their masters can be seen from the following statement of Prime Monster Shaukat Aziz which is the joke of the day. The statement also brings out his rhetoric and his white lies. The micro economics mean tightening the poorest people with the ropes of brutal interest and for this a Bangla Deshi was awarded the most notorious and dubious prize i.e. Nobel Prize which are regularly bestowed upon the life long terrorist like Begin etc. In order to keep its "value" the prize is also given to some "brilliant" scientists! I end this chapter with following statement of Prime Monster published in the Dawn on 13th November, 2006 . The statement confirms whatever I have written above. Red bracketed inclusions are mine
"US not allowed to fire missiles into Pakistan: Aziz (Ha ha ha!)

WASHINGTON , Nov 12: Prime (Monster) Shaukat Aziz said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that his country does not allow the United States to use unmanned aircraft to fire missiles into Pakistan to kill terrorists.(Ha, ha , ha !, real funny)

The prime (monster) said Pakistan is ''very capable of tackling such activities ourselves. ''US President George W. Bush has said he would ''absolutely' ' order military operations inside Pakistan if Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden or other top terrorists were found to be hiding there.

Mr Aziz said in an interview conducted on Friday with CNN's ''Late Edition'' that Pakistan is ''committed to (continuous launching) terrorism, but it has to be fought together. And if we go into each other's countries and take unilateral action, that does not help the cause of fighting terrorism.''

In January, 13 civilians died when an unmanned US drone fired missiles into a Pakistani village in an unsuccessful attempt to hit (So called) Al Qaida deputy chief Ayman al-Zawahri (Who was created in White House, like all other Osama video tapes and email messages) .

Pakistani critics say the military helped US forces based in Afghanistan carry out an airstrike on a religious school that killed 80 people last month. Mr. Aziz said claims that Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar is based in Pakistan are ''totally incorrect.'' ''We understand that the command and control network of the Taliban is very much deep inside Afghanistan ,'' he said. On Osama, he said: ''We have no clue where he is. If he were ever in our territory and we found out, we would go after him.''

)  POVERTY: Prime (Monster) Shaukat Aziz on Sunday urged the world community to fulfil its obligations and work together with sincerity and commitment to (spread and consolidate) poverty in the world by creating employment (for useless NGOs) and other income (Sucking) opportunities (from) the poor.

In his keynote address at the Global Micro-Credit Summit at Halifax, Canada, Mr Aziz proposed a five-point strategy for promoting and spreading micro-credit in countries with high poverty levels.He called for (consolidating) poverty from a common platform by pooling energy and resources of the international community to rid the world of (Islam, faith, moral values and family structure). .

The prime (Monster) said governments in developing countries must demonstrate a strong political commitment towards supporting microfinance coupled with (planned waste)  imparting technical and vocational skills to kill the poor for sustainable income generation (For the Zionists and Neo Cons)  involvement of multiple actors and institutions to ensure microfinance outreach to target groups, and securing commitments at the global level to ensure macro-economic and regulatory frameworks to support the growth and mainstreaming of microfinance into the financial sector as a commercially- viable proposition.

He said extremism (which we so keenly to spread all over actually) breeds in a festering sense of injustice and denial of economic opportunity so we making sure that this happens at large and wide scale!

He said there was a need for a lasting and sustainable poverty (enhancing) strategy which should focus on creating income-generating avenues for the (Zionists and Neo Cons) and their puppets and puppies!

He said Pakistan had successfully implemented a stabilisation programme and wide- ranging structural reforms which had put the economy back on the track of sustainable growth (for the Zionists) and poverty (elevation.)"¦."

 Appreciating the efforts of Nobel Laureate Prof Yunus in the field of micro-credit, Mr Aziz said he had established a successful model of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh .

He also appreciated the contribution made by the Micro-credit Summit Campaign since 1997 and welcomed the Summit 's initiative to extend the campaign till 2015.

The prime minister said war, illiteracy, poverty, pandemics, social injustice and intolerance still haunted the world.

Referring to measures taken by the government to eradicate poverty, he said his government had implemented a reform agenda, covering all aspects of life; political, administrative, social and economic, which had brought about a positive change in the country.

He said political institutions had been reformed, women and minorities given greater representations, democratic norms and practices institutionalised, and accountability and transparency ensured in all departments.

We have all the ingredients of a sustainable democracy; a vibrant opposition, a free media, an independent judiciary and, above all, an informed public opinion, he said.

He claimed that Pakistan was now one of the fastest growing economies in the region and hoped to sustain a high growth trajectory of 6 to 8 per cent. He said the government had adopted a variety of institutional models to increase the coverage and outreach of micro-credit to the poor.

He said the government was encouraging the private sector to come forward, and the regulatory role of the central bank was that of a policy maker, enabler and facilitator.

He termed the start of Greenfield micro-finance banks, entry of commercial banks, diversification of products, manifold increases in the number of borrowers and development of distribution network as conduits for income generation, particularly for (The Zionists and their puppies and puppets) ."”AP/APP"
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