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Imran Khan's solo flight, right but arduous


            Mr. Imran Khan, Chairman PTI is at war with the Government on two fronts, one on Judicial front and other on Political front. This strategy of Imran is no doubt beneficial to him not in the short run but in the long run.

            He taking benefit of the independent Judiciary by bringing more and more cases and wish to depend on Judiciary for clarifying intricate question which may give benefit during his election campaign.

            On the political side, he is not making alliance with any party and wish to get the support of the people directly without the assistance of any party.

            He should encourage his other leaders to speak both in the public and to the print and electronic media because after all they would run the posts in the Government if the people voted his party.

            Alliances before election have no meaning because each party is free to go to the voter directly but once election is held then alliances for the Government is justifiable for the stable Government.

            Imran Khan has rightly decided not to be partner in any alliance because when your concept of politics is different from another party how you can be sincere with him in the struggle.

            As far as his concept of removal of the Government is concerned, I do not agree with him because the people have given them mandate for five years and the voter is best Judge in this case.

            He should concentrate on making more and more cases in the Courts against those who are busy in destroying the Country and when the people vote him into power then he should honestly implement those Judgments of the Courts against the responsible.

            His main slogan should be to punish each corrupt person. Mr. Hamid Khan is a very expert person and he should be used effectively for bringing more and more persons to the Court.

            I also suggest to other parties to toe the line of Imran Khan’s solo flight.


Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai.
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