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Why is Karachi an exception to Military operation

Sindh Government along with the political parties in Karachi has badly failed in protecting the lives of the people. The main purpose of the Government is to regulate the activities of the individuals, associations, institutions etc but in Karachi it seems that the Chief Minister along with the Ministers is a group of puppets having no control on the situations and the mobs have taken controls of their respective areas.

I astonish that when in Swat a handful miscreants challenged the writ of the Government, each political party along with the Military was supporting the use of State force against them while in Karachi daily innocent persons are killed by armed gangs and no one support the use of Military power.

Where is America who dictates us on our every affair? Where are those forces that were using flocks of helicopters of every kind on the people in Swat? Probably the Government has no funds for this purpose and is waiting for funds from somewhere to bring peace in Karachi because our every act is destitute to foreign funds.

What would be the advantage of any action when thousands of the innocents are killed? Now it seems to everyone that the Government is victim of political expediency and has sole purpose to save the Government instead of the lives of the people.

Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai

Dated: Sunday, August 21, 2011.

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