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Effect of Supreme Court’s Judgment on the people of Karachi and the whole Country


The Supreme Court expressed its extreme solidarity and love with the people of Karachi and decided to hear the case in Karachi but as the student of law I have also some ideas about this Judgment on people of Pakistan in general and on the people of Karachi in particular.

            The State Institutions submitted every detail to the Supreme Court either in open Court or behind closed doors. The main intention of the case was to find out the causes and persons behind the killings of the innocent people. Police mentioned about the presence of the sophisticated weapons but did not show the names of persons in whose possession the weapons are and why they did not take any action when they saw or came to know about the presence of the weapons? Normally, the weapons of mass destruction should only be in the hands of the persons appointed by the State but when such weapons come in the hands of the ordinary persons then why the State persons did not move?

            The people of Pakistan were not enthusiastic to see the proceedings of the Supreme Court in Karachi in which the Police, Politicians and even ISI participated. The people were enthusiastic to know the names of persons and parties responsible for the killings of the people. If the direction to the Police was the sole purpose then it could have been done by the Supreme Court even sitting in Islamabad.

            Normally, a report or document is presented to the Court so that to enable the Court to arrive at correct position of the matter and to pin point the persons or things responsible for the harm or injury. If that report is not made the part of the Judgment then its presentation is equal to non-presentation as regards the people of Pakistan and the Student of Law. It must be beneficial and informative to the Judges in the Chamber but has no informative value for the people.

            The Supreme Court directed the Sind Police to submit a progress report in the Supreme Court daily. I want the same principle be extended down to each District in the Country where the DPOs of Districts should submit a report before the District and Session Judges daily. In this way the people of whole Pakistan shall get benefit from the Principle laid down in Karachi. In this way even minor crimes shall also be stopped.

            I can say a lot on this topic but I left much to the Law Students, Jurists, Media and Social Workers etc to express their views on the case.


Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai.

Thursday, September 15, 2011.

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