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Forensic Tests Confirm Husain Haqqani Wrote The Memo


Two examinations of a Blackberry handset and a desktop computer by two separate teams of forensic experts reach the same conclusion: Husain Haqqani and his yet unknown accomplices are guilty of writing the treasonous memo.


SPECIAL REPORT | Saturday | 12 May 2012


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—An exhaustive eight-hour examination of a Blackberry handset and a desktop computer conducted by forensic experts of a Pakistani judicial commission at the offices of the Pakistan High Commission in London on May 10 appears to confirm Husain Haqqani’s involvement in authoring a confidential document that could see him declared a traitor under Pakistani law.


The News International reported today that Husain Haqqani boycotted the proceedings while American businessman Mansoor Ijaz cooperated with the Pakistani forensic team. Haqqani denies he wrote the memo while Ijaz insists he did.


It is not clear why Haqqani, the disgraced former ambassador of Pakistan to United States, would miss an important opportunity to clear his name and prove his innocence. He is accused of writing a secret memo along with still unknown Pakistani partners addressed to US military seeking help to undermine Pakistan’s military and intelligence. The forensic examination was an excellent chance for Haqqani to clear his name if he is not guilty.


The judicial commission is yet to release the findings from the forensic examination. But The News International reports that the initial results confirm the validity of the email and text messages Haqqani exchanged with Ijaz, who later acted as a messenger delivering the memo to former US chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen. 


“It was an exhausting process and Mansoor Ijaz had substantiated each and every word of each BBM chat exchange, e-mail, SMS messages and all the telephone calls that were exchanged between him and Husain Haqqani,” wrote the newspaper.


Haqqani’s role in writing the memo “has been forensically verified and validated,” it said.


While Ijaz promptly cooperated with the Pakistani judicial commission, giving it access to his Blackberry handsets and computer, Haqqani deployed delay tactics, reporting that he lost his BBM handsets and later claiming he’s too sick to appear before the commission. Officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and most independent watchers believe he is lying under oath. One evidence of his lying is that he failed to report the loss of his BBM sets to the Ministry as per rules, since the loss of an ambassador’s BBM is a serious breach of secure official communications.


The initial findings of the independent Pakistani forensic experts also confirm the conclusions of the experts of ISI, Pakistan’s premier spy service, which conducted a separate examination of Mansoor Ijaz’s BBM and found Haqqani was indeed part of a conspiracy to invite US military to decide senior appointments inside Pakistan’s military.



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