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 Aljazeera discloses secret meeting between Syrian rebels and Israel

Al-Jazeera news channel disclosed a secret meeting between Syrian opposition and Israeli intelligence officers in Istanbul.

A senior Hamas leader provided Al-Jazeera news channel with compelling evidences, revealing details about a clandestine meeting gathered between Syrian Islamist warlords and Israeli special envoy, joseph Yossi in Turkish glamorous city of Istanbul. Syrian famous opposition figures such as Kamal al-Labwani and Ahmad Tumeh also attended the meeting.

According to Al-Jazeera news channel, the two sides discussed the latest military situation in Syria and exchanged their opinions regarding the three-year-old Syrian crisis.

The Syrian opposition delegation stressed on the fact that the war dynamics have been changed and President Assad was successful to tip the military balance in Syria in his favor thus in order to change the fate of war ,Islamist rebels need more advanced Israeli-made weapons to confront Syrian army especially in areas in southern Syrian capital, Damascus.

The Israeli delegation, headed by the notorious Joseph Yossi, proposed a new plan, to help the desperate and distraught Islamist militants by creating a buffer zone in southern Syria. Yossi pledged Tel- Aviv’s full-support to the radical Islamist groups with training and aerial support in southern Syria specially the Dara’a and Quneitra provinces. The final deal was postponed to the decisive trip of four senior Syrian opposition figures to Israel.

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