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Indian federalism under strain: Karnataka refuses Kaveri water for Chennai but IPL- BCCI lords mange to hold the IPL drama in Chennai to make money!


Dr. Abdul Ruff  Colachal



Entire Tamil Nadu is demanding the establishment of Cauvery Board to regulate water flow from Karnataka into Tamil Nadu for agricultural and other important purposes.


Karnataka government refuses to respect the orders of the courts and tribunals and Tami Nadu continues to suffer owing to serious water scarcity. .


Last time there was no Chennai team as the Supreme Court had banned it for its corrupt operations. However, India government and BCCI have decided to revive Chennai to help the millionaires mint more money by enacting big show of 6s. .


Cricket is a well known falsehood and gambling packages as a sport in the name of entertainment.


Recently the Apex court has ordered to the federal government to  launch the Cauvery Board quickly and resolve the water crisis of Tamil Nadu. But Karnataka government and Indian government refuse to obey the court orders.


Tamil Nadu government has refused permission to BCCI and IPL dramatics to hold the IPL in Chennai due to agitations for Kaveri water.


In order to force Tamil Nadu government the first IPL match between the defending Mumbai and newcomer Chennai team a was adjusted to let Chennai team win by defeating the defending Mumbai team.


In stead of pushing for staging the iPL show in Chennai which is reeling under the agitations for Kaveri water, the iPL and BCCI should support the cause of Tamil people and join them for early water form Kaveri river- common between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


Tamil nadu film fraternity has join the agitations for Cauvery water and Cauvery Board.


IPL and BCCI should forthwith give away their plan for IPL drama in Chennai and they should have some logic and compassion for the people of Tamil Nadu.


It is indeed storage that the BCCI-IPL lords want to make huge profits in Chennai when Tamil people are struggle for their water rights and the farmers suffer without enough water as Karnataka and federal government jointly withhold water from Cauvery River that is allowed legally for Tamil Nadu.


The Chennai team has refused to support the case of Chennai people and refused to wear a badge for water for Tamil nadu and a black badge as they are under the control of big lords in New Delhi. But they insist that they will play joint cricketism in Chennai and reap the profits as their birth right.


The federal government refused to let the Karnataka release the water to Tamil Nadu because   the BJP wants to defeat the ruling Congress party by pretending to be supporting the “Kannada” cause.


So, the federal government is creating problem for federalism in India.


This kind of political business trend must be fought.


Former Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalalithaa (Amma) refused to let the IPL guys play matches in Chennai last time under similar circumstances but now  the AIADMK government claiming to be Amma government just  obliged the powerful cricket mafia possibly after accepting huge sums from them to  hoist IPL in Chennai, ignoring the  sentiments of Tamils.  Many people in Chennai protested against the IPL  match in Chennai but Tamil Nadu police  beat them, apparently filed cases against them.


As expected, Dhoni’s Chennai team was encouraged by Kolkata team to win the match so that those support IPL in Chennai won’t be disappointed. In fact Channel was losing the match towards the end but Kolkata did not let it lose.


And Doni and team is likely to be the permanent winner of IPL henceforth.  Shame wins are very common in cricket but cricketers like Dhoni, Kolhi, Sachin, etc are not bothered about the moral and legal issues involved.


That is cricketism. Joint cricket exercises.


By the by, Dhoni has been given civilian award one level below the Bharatratna but he and his mafia including in military establishment where he is made a Colonel (for what? No one knows) have been pestering the federal government to offer him Bharatratna at par with Sachin because he can also hit 6 if the bowlers throw nice ball. Dhoni came in military uniform to receive the national award from president of India.  Is military uniform so cheap? If a cricketer hits 100 with the help of fellow batboys and bowlers, military offers Colonel post ma dif an actor plays the role of a solder he is made a Colonel.


What is all this?  Is it so easy to get  a post of Colonel in military?


Indian regime asked the military to make Dhoni, Sachin etc  a member of military- army, navy or airforce and not only cricketers but even actors have been accommodated in military pay rolls for extra money)


And IPL guys defeated Tamils and enjoyed their match and money power, sharing it with ruling politicians. After the demise of Jayalalithaa MLAs in the ruling party openly demand and take bribes without informing the party leadership.


That is of course their business.


How can the government cave in to the cricket mafia pressure?

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

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