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Tits and bits

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani on Thursday 17th instant after attending a function hosted by Ministry of Information Technology in Islamabad spoke to the press and in reply to a question about his resignation he asked very categorically, ‘Whom should I give my resignation?’ If he is truthful to his words in asking the question which I very much doubt, then his worries are over as I am telling him point blank that he should immediately tender resignation to three entities namely President of Pakistan; Speaker of National Assembly and Chief Election Commissioner and quit the office and official residence forthwith. I am not sure but I think that it will be accepted by at least one of them if not all the three but in worst situation it may not be approved by anyone of them and he may be asked back to resume. He should not resume and remain off the hook come what may, and I am sure that the sky will not split apart either if he does not come back.  However, there could be another possibility that due to his continual refusal not to resume his duty, he may eventually be declared as an absconder and if it really happens so then I will very strongly say that he must not lose such a golden opportune. New title of ‘Absconding Prime Minister’ will boost him still the more as he has already earned the title of ‘Convicted Prime Minister’.


Justice Aijaz Afzal and Justice Ather Saeed of Supreme Court have eventually indicted Dr Babar Awan, former law minister in contempt of court but very much surprisingly Dr has not accepted it at all and instead went on to the extent saying that he did not commit any contempt of court which could be true but please wait a bit and let me refer back to his earlier actions. Why did he tender apology, not once but twice, to SC if he had not committed any contempt? I say with full conviction and confidence that no prudent male or female on the face of earth whether in east or west; south or north apologizes without any cause and reason. Isn’t it pity that a man of such stature who himself not only boasts of holding doctorate degree in law but had been our law minister as well very nakedly contradicts himself?


NAB has initiated an enquiry against Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif for not returning $ 32 billion they have taken as loan from different banks and financial institutes some years back. Interior Minister Malik Rehman has give all documentary evidences to NAB about the said amount and asked to investigate and recover the money. Spokesman of Sharif brothers has termed it nothing but pack of lies but I very much doubt that it could be completely a white lie. There is no doubt that Mian brothers had taken loan and amongst our heavy loaders it is very much a fashion not to return the whole amount so I believe there must be some truth if not whole truth. Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that it is nothing but political victimization but it cannot be totally true because he and his brother did take loans. Both brothers must produce documentary evidence to substantiate their claim. They must produce the documents showing how much loan they have taken and from whom duly punctuated with their clearance reports to prove in black and white that the loans in total have been paid back and thus they are absolutely absolved of any liability on this count. Nothing more and nothing less is needed.


20.5 million rupees is the price tag for Mohammad Yousuf who owns ‘Mr Books’ in Islamabad. The news is that he has been kidnapped in Islamabad and his abductors are demanding nothing but a sum of 20.5 rupees to release him. What could happen if 20 million can be paid? To my understanding and perhaps you will agree with me that human cannot be priced but perhaps it is not so in my beloved Pakistan. What could be the price tag for an ordinary daily wage earner; a clerk; a manager; a politician and of course a VIP, may I dare ask, if not annoying?


Karachi is again gripped with killing and on average 13 people has been killed in the metropolitan city within last 24 hours time as reported today Saturday 19th May 2012 which is quite an alarming figure so far as one day is concerned. The truth is that Karachi is bathing in blood for quite many months and hundreds of innocent lives have already been lost and none could find a permanent solution. It is noted that not any section of society or profession or locality is being targeted rather on the contra we find that people from cross section of society have been killed. Those who died till this day all over Karachi includes men from law enforcing agencies; doctors; lawyers; religious leaders; political affiliates; daily wage earners; small shopkeepers and bystanders etc. Old men, women and children too have not been spared and killed. Each time it is read that police has reached the spot, cordoned off the area and started investigations. Even President Asif Ali Zardari many times had taken note of it but killing could not be stopped and if I am not exaggerating people have been gunned down even when President was very much in the city and busy with law enforcing agencies to curb killing and violence. The most baffling question is that each and every time people are ensured that the killers will be brought to justice and none will be spared whatsoever but what is the ground reality, better you answer and not me? Which day and when Karachi will return to be a killing free city? Who, if any, will come from sky to eliminate spilling human blood on the streets of Karachi and restore the same with peace, love and tranquility?  


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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