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Wake up! Tusanami is already on the horizon


 Iqbal Hadi Zaidi 

During the coming months from December 2020 to February 2021 not just my beloved Pakistan but, the world at large, will have to face unimaginable, unthinkable truly gigantic untold human miseries just on one and one account only namely newly born babies being born simultaneously right from east to west and south to north with no exception whatsoever and frankly speaking such unforeseen phenomena simply cannot be avoided by any country whatsoever including even the Super Powers headed by US under any circumstances come what may to be very honest.


Numerically speaking, as per till today 20th June, 2020 at global level as many as 8,757,734 male and female, rich and poor, governor and governed, educated and uneducated, married and unmarried, tall and short, white and black, beautiful and ugly, young and old, healthy and sick, employed and unemployed, believing in any religion or not, living in east and west, found in south and north have already been victimized by the corona virus whereas 462,519 are those unfortunate human beings exactly like you and me who never ever wanted to die so soon but have eventually shifted to their permanent abode. Academically speaking at this point of time seeing such a figure of deaths one can say that global population has already decreased by the figure people have died due to corona virus which is a fact not fiction but in my subsequent lines I will very categorically prove that the same corona is the main cause to increase our world population as well after another few months later.


Unbelievably, the USA, the ever-mightiest power on the face of earth, is the worst hit in any case since it is occupying the 1st rung of the ladder with 215 steps and on each step one country or territory is sitting and under the such given situation in US alone at this point of time out of its total population of 331,2,651 not more and not less than 2,234,471 people belonging to all spectrum of lives have already been victimized by the virus while poor 119,941 despite being admitted at the best possible hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art machineries and equipment and treated by none but the even best possible physicians one can simply think of have eventually died as well and very much regretfully these figures will increase in much greater  numbers on both counts in future days. 


All the world leaders in each and every country and territory when noticed the onslaught of the notorious corona virus starting from Wuhan, China, they were left with no alternative but very much obliged not only to advocate but resort to clamp lock down and curfew as well in the greater interest of their own population so that their number of corona victims are minimized in their respective countries. Undoubtedly lock down and curfews so clamped down by the leaders in their respective countries have very categorically and emphatically played conspicuously quite dominant and significant role to be honest to nullify the corona effects to a very great extent otherwise the world at large has witnessed far more victims all around than what presently we have now.


I wish I am wrong which I am not to pronounce, if not annoying, that most of the world leaders, if not all the leaders, irrespective of their geographical locations who curtailed the movement of their people by slapping lock down and curfew had forgotten to think as to subsequently what could be the aftereffects of such forced suspension of human life since airports, government offices and institutions, banks, insurance companies, educational institutes, commercial establishments, showrooms, exhibition sites, local buses, local trains, marriage halls, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, clubs, shops, garages, factories and workshops etc were closed and as a result thereof all, rich and poor, male and female were compulsorily confined inside their respective houses.


The rich who are obliged to remain inside their houses whole day long did not feel the pinch to a great extent simply because very much fortunately they are laced up with different entertaining gadgets and facilities namely television, internet, mobile, books and magazines and, therefore, they do not face the situation as how to kill their time while compulsorily sitting inside their houses. They very happily used their mobile telephone to speak to their relatives and friends not only within the city or the province or even the country they live but overseas as well for hours not minutes, they joked and laughed without realizing how much time they have spent being busy on their mobile phone. Then, later on they switched over to their television set to get themselves updated with the latest local, national and international news on different topics including corona so they did not get any chance to feel boredom. Internet is now like an addiction for many, if not all, therefore lot of their time is spent using internet to check in boxes, shoot emails and of course be at face book as well hence not just few minutes but hours are spent alike at internet. Some of them will also spend some time by reading newspapers, magazines and books as well. Of course, the married couples did not waste the golden opportune not to lock themselves in their bed rooms to share the same bed and being fully charged quite but naturally in turn their family size will have to be increased after the stipulated pregnancy period of around nine months for sure.


What a sheer bad luck and I really feel much pity for all those unfortunates numbering in thousands, not hundreds, daily wage earners or low paid employees in each and every country, of course varying in percentage, who also have been forced to be confined inside their four walls on daily basis right from dawn to dawn. Poor of the poorest, cannot even think of even in day dreams to have mobile or television or internet or even newspaper to be honest so as a result thereof the imminent and the 1st problem arises as to how such a big lot kills their 24 hours and that too each day for couple of months in continuity is the most baffling and trifling question? They are also human exactly like the rich ones possessed with inner feelings of sorrow and happiness and quite but naturally they also want to bring smile on their faces but how they can even think of smiling when being empty pocketed they are facing unexplainable miserable pathetic conditions? There is a limit for such human beings to sit idle in their houses with no work, activity and engagement. The poorest married couples, as a last resort, had no option but to engage to temporarily matrimonial pleasure and, therefore, quite unavoidably the bulk majority of their wives will automatically conceive and deliver new babies upon completion of nine months.


Aren’t those the most respected experts and acclaimed commentators have themselves proved to be too innocently ignorant, naïve and grossly mistaken since they have too loudly proclaimed at the pitch of their voice at all media outlets, both local and international, that due to notorious corona, world population will considerably be shrunk because thousands have already died and many more are yet to die which is absolutely very true as well to be honest but alas at the same time they could not foresee and did not think it at all that eventually during coming December 2020-February 2021 period the world will witness tsunami of new born babies hence our global population will instead be increased by 55% if not more?


My most intriguing, genuine, alarming as well as mind bogging question under the given peculiar circumstances is if at all our hospitals and maternity homes, for that matter, irrespective of their topographical locations right from east to west and south or north are fully geared and toned up and can boast of having the required capacity duly punctuated with their ability to handle such unprecedented huge surge of newly born babies and that too all at the same time during the fixed stipulated three months period which, as such, has never ever have happened alike before in human history at such a large global scale?


I with all sincerity and sobriety pronounce that it is truly very ripe and high time that the concerned authorities, both public and private, at all their places must wake up from somber sleep and instead immediately embark upon critically assessing their present facilities and capacities so that they initiate increasing their health facilities, particularly, in gynecology and pediatric, to meet the upcoming gigantic challenges to be faced during coming December 2020-February 2021 period otherwise the humanity as a whole will be doomed and we will have no option but to hear the cries and curses, seeing tears in their eyes as against smile on their faces. 

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