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Will sky split apart ?


How shameful is it that for so many weeks and not just days or hours, each Pakistani whether male or female; employed or unemployed; favoring government or titling towards opposition and living in the country or overseas like me has been gripped with just one issue that whether PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani after imprisonment by Supreme Court stands disqualified as member of National Assembly or not? I have my serious doubts if we as Pakistanis as a whole can arrive to a conclusion once for all if Syed Yousus Raza Gillani should PM quit the office or should he continue is a truly baffling question to be honest?


Each day rather each hour we see both male and female either from the opposition and or government on our different television channels talking about the issue whereas each newspaper too mentions it on daily basis under different headings and colors. At times even cartoons have been seen on the burning issue. Our legal experts, journalists and analysts too are very much occupied the issue for days together. Each one of them seems to be an authority and therefore he or she gives his or her own thought on the issue and frankly speaking at times it become s too difficult as to whom to believe or not to believe. Once you have listened to one set of people you develop some liking for those but then when you meet the people on the other side of the fence you become a bit shaky and ponder and ponder as to what to do now. The two set of people are so much antagonistic and conflicting that a commoner really faces up a quandary.    


I think in the very 1st instance, Supreme Court should not have shown any courtesy towards PM and he should have been sent behind bars for six months time which was not only in the offing but was very much possible too and even SYRG had been apprehensive to be imprisoned for half a year as time and again he has said so in different meetings and discussions that he will happily accept the decision of the SC. Mentally SYRG was very much prepared to undergo six months detention in a jail as he was too loud to say that if he is faced with two options either to write a letter to Swiss authorities in connection with the loot money his boss Asif Ali Zardari has deposited there or instead undergo 6 months imprisonment he will prefer jail and not writing the letter. However, very much surprisingly SC sentenced him to imprisonment for about less than a minute which as such has proved to be very much ineffective and it will ne be untrue to say that the issue has turned SYRG as a hero and he is adamant not to quit in any case. Needless to mention, before announcement of token punishment, some names have also surfaced as replacement for SYRG because it was widely expected that SYRG will be jailed so someone should be readily available to sit as next PM but it all fizzled out.


SYRG has been saying all along that he will not keep quiet and instead challenge his imprisonment and he will file an appeal against the decision in SC. His lawyer barrister Aitzaz Ahsan who taught me law and defended PM in the contempt case had also been saying that he will appeal challenging the conviction within the stipulated period of time. It was reported in the media that barrister had been invited by Tunisian government in connection with constitutional reforms and he will prepare the appeal on his return from Tunisia. He came back from the overseas trip and told the press that he is now very much busy in preparing the appeal on behalf of his client and everybody was waiting impatiently to read as to what arguments he would write in appeal favoring his client challenging the imprisonment but quite surprisingly it took a completely new twist all together which surprised and shocked alike. Legal guru Aitzaz did not feel prudent enough to appeal for reasons best known to him and him alone but perhaps my teacher could very well sense that had he appealed against the conviction then possibly SC could have set aside the token imprisonment and instead had jailed his client for six months so why to appeal and risk imprisonment. Aitzaz as a true defender of PM did not spell out in black and white as to what scared him and what he had feared if he had filed an appeal but it is very much understandable that had appeal benefited PM then Aitzaz must had gone for it.


Will sky split apart if PM goes off the hook immediately and rests back in his ancestral house in Multan or will sky split apart if on the other hand we just forget the trifling issue and devote our energies towards making Pakistan a truly strong country?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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