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Pakistan minister's son barred from leaving
Najeeb detained by police but freed after diplomatic intervention

By Ashfaq Ahmed, Deputy UAE Editor
Published: 00:00 September 19, 2011

.Dubai: Makdhoum Najeeb, son of a famous Pakistan politician and senior federal minister Makdoum Ameen Fahim, has been barred from travelling out of the UAE due to a bounced cheque.

According to official sources, Najeeb was stopped at the Dubai International Airport on Saturday evening and was barred from leaving the country. He was told to report to the Jebel Ali Police Station as there was a case against him for a bounced cheque which he gave to a free zone authority as part of a business deal.

On reporting to the police station, Najeeb was detained that night but was released late at night after the intervention of the Pakistani Consulate in Dubai.

However, his passport was kept at the police station as a guarantee. Dubai Police did not comment on the case.

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A criminal case is registered in the UAE against a person in case of a bounced cheque. The case can be referred to the public prosecutor for further action if a settlement is not reached between the parties.

Najeeb's father, Makdoum Ameen Fahim, is senior Commerce Minister of Pakistan and also a resident of the UAE.

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